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  1. 2008-05-27 21:10:12

    $150 Plus $20 Memorial Day Chop Fest


    I finally have something to blog about and it both gripes my ass and I understand it all at the same time. I made it to the final table of one of the only big tournaments at the Oceanview Cardroom. We chisel it down to five players and the small stack doubles up a few times instead of getting knocked out as we all hoped for ;)

    A few hands after small stack is almost tied up with the rest of us he calls for a CHOP (he has to go to work). Everyone is happy to chop but me. I was the only hold out. I had great momentum and felt good about taking it down. Everyone kept wanting to chop it so I gave in and gave them one more round hoping two of them (us) would get good hands and battle. We were all in the money and I was happy to go broke and bust out at 5th. No one else seemed to be as willing as I though. Anyways, in that last round I got a couple goods hands and made some chips then got pocket aces and called, then made the min bet and everyone folded. The round ended anti climatically and everyone (all 5 of us) walked away with $881. I tipped the dealers $100 and walked away with $781. I was happy but just wanted to play for first!

    Whew, I got that out of my system!

    Glad we all walked away with dough though!

    Happy Memorial Day! Support Our Troops!

    Posted by AceOfJames at 2008-05-27 21:10:12

Comments on “$150 Plus $20 Memorial Day Chop Fest”

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    • Ah, I thought it might have been extra special or something and been larger than the usual 4-table. Must have had lots of alternates. Nice work :)

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    • Jason - It was a 36 person tournament I was referring to. As far as the WSOP tournament, it never happened. I canceled due to a low RSVP. There was a lot of interest when talking about it but not many RSVP'ed. There is still plenty of time to do one. I saw we invite all our players and see how many tables we can fill!

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    • lol good job so how did your attempt at a wsop tourney go?
      mine didnt pan out too well but i profitted in a cash game of .50-1 made out with 260 a good portion of that was at good ol GORDO'S expense

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    • Wow, congrats on the take-away. How many players were there? I always prefer to play, unless I have to be somewhere else, of course. Luck is a big factor at the end, but a skilled player will have an edge and will make more money in the long run if you play till the end. And we all know this game is about the long run! Thanks for the post, man, and congrats again!