Decision Making in Life and Poker

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  1. 2008-12-23 08:22:10

    Ok, so heres one about decision making. Kind of...

    I have not made any extremely good or bad decisions on or off the felt lately (none that I care to confess to at least) ;). However, I figured I should write a little about something concerning decision making in Life and Poker since I thought it was a good topic/title for my blog back when I started it. I should probably rant more as well! First things first.

    I did play a one table tournament and made the horrible decision to unnecessarily go all in with pocket 5's and ran straight into Alexis' pocket Aces. Needless to say I lost. That was a BAD decision.

    Not getting a Wii LAST week. Another BAD decision.

    Upgrading my Comcast regular box to DVR a couple weeks ago? GOOD decision! Poker After Dark records for me each night and I can watch it at will.

    I all ready had it but "On Demand" rocks too! All of season 3 of Dexter and season 2 of Californication at your finger tips!

    Poker is a game about decision making. Without poker each person makes an extraordinary number of decisions per day. Add poker to that equation and I can only imagine the number!

    Ok, that is it for now. I have been all over the map but there it is!

    Have you been making good decisions in life and poker? Do so and both your bankroll and life MAY be better than average!

    More to be revealed!


    Posted by AceOfJames at 2008-12-23 08:22:10

Comments on “Ok, so heres one about decision making. Kind of...”

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    • Yeah, to be honest. I was expecting the same thing :)

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    • I thought you'd be like.. "a 5 came on the flop..." hehehe because when you learn to fold those things then it seems like you flop sets a lot more frequently

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    • Today at Garden City. I straight up folded pocket 5's with no big raise or anything. 2 Aces came on the flop. Someone else had a bullet and won with trips. LOL

      Any luck for you today Dave or Alexis?

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    • lol well since i am not part of the league and wasnt able to make it as a guest hope it was fun

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    • That's what I get for not bringing my famous fudge that I promised to bring! I was just too busy today to make it :)


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    • Funny that i just blogged about making a horrible decision by going all in a week ago with pocket 5's that ran into pocket Aces. Guess what just happened at the High Roller tourney tonight?

      Yep, I foolishly went all in with my pocket 5's and ran into pocket aces and was first out.

      I also got a bad beat by slow playing my pocket aces just before that last horrible decision....

      Bad James! slaps own hand

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    • tks for the update tony. i was still catching up on season 4, but i think i got them now. i don't know. but i'll be prepped for season 5. woo :)

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    • I love gilmore girls

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    • LOL modesto land of the METH HEADS they cant save up enough money to buy the 360 thats why
      yes high stakes one of the only shows that your guaranteed to feel fullfilled from watching

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    • New High Stakes Episodes premier March 1st

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    • I gotta agree with the DVR decision, although Comcast is starting to get on my nerves :/ My DVR has been acting up, too. It just randomly doesn't record some things. I cut the hard line a few days ago to see if a reset would fix things up... How dumb is it that none of the High Stakes Poker episodes are marked as "new" vs. "repeat"? good thing I have a good poker memory so I can tell if I've seen it. Well, most of the time, anyway :(

      Is Knight Rider the worst new show or what? Without a DVR, I wouldn't know that. LOL.

      My lovely girlfriend got me a Wii somehow last Christmas. Turns out Modesto didn't sell out. If you really want one, I bet you can go there to get one this year, too!

      All right, I'm outta here. Going to Phoenix for Megan's family Christmas. Have a good one!

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    • Getting the DVR is about the best decision any one person can make. Saves time(no commercials) Marriages(honey yes you can watch Gilmore Girls cause ill just record WPT) You get to go to bed on time instead of staying up till 2 to watch that poker after dark rerun.