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  1. 2008-12-12 17:48:28

    A freak of nature!

    Lets just say when it comes to this topic City50 is a true proffesional and never is a sore looser. Unlike my good friend Giggle Giggle (we call him chochi for short). We are at the stable last nite playing in our weekly donkament. City50 plays a big hand where he limps with KK, has loud mouth T. Fag Gags announce City50's play to the table. Luckily City50's life long friend D-Ray was too distacted by the bottle of Patron Silver we had finished with in the first 1/2 hour of the Donkament. Thanks to (I called in sick on wednesday for "personal" reasons known to his castorian friends as The MEAT.....Bonkey.) D-Ray raises from 5K to 15K. Action folds to City50 who does his best acting job to sell his already exposed hand and shoves all in. Of course D-Ray now knows he is defeated and folds allowing City50 to pick up a 20K pot. (Played to PERFECTION by City50). This short stories leads to our topic.

    Not three hand later my good friend Giggle Giggle limps in early position with AA. Now Giggle Giggle has done this many of times in many of Donkaments. ( Usually this play leads to the exit of the donkament for Giggle Giggle, and on ocassion big pots won as well). So any how action folds over to the big blind which happens to be Gee.... Gosh....... I forgot my hat Gordo. Gordo has KJ. Any how the flop comes and of course like clock work K J blank on the flop and Giggle Giggle's ultimate plan to sneak attack a huge pot, runs right into a brick wall layed down by Gordo. Giggle Giggle is crippled from the blow. Comments are made on the limp AA and we find out some very interesting information from our good friend. Giggle Giggle obviously upset cause his AA got Bad Beat? by the big blind (forced action no choice to fold when limped on with AA) by two pair KJ. Now for the Freak of nature part.

    For the first time in the world and probably the universe we discovered that a man can have 6..... thats right.... 6 DICKS!. After the AA bad beat? Giggle Giggle and I quote tells the table " Fuck all you bitches! I'm gonna make all you bitches suck all my dicks!" What the FUCK? At this point there was 6 people at the table meaning Giggle Giggle has 6 gigantic dicks that he wanted to force upon us.........As usual City50 picked up on this statement and thats our blog kids. I have to admitt I can not compete with 6 dicks nor would i want to try. Needless to say the 6 headed monster never came out of the cage and shortly after Giggle Giggle was knocked out of the donkament. City50 was as well. City50 and Giggle Giggle jumped in City50's pony and went home.....(and NONE of the 6 monsters tried to attack City50.) See you next week kids.

    Posted by City50 at 2008-12-12 17:48:28

Comments on “A freak of nature!”

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    • LOL i meat the guy tonight hes a good guy

    • avatar for Gordo
    • Teresa, you played with City50 at least twice in RWC... at Big Phil's game. p.s . Happy New Year!

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    • i never met the man, but he writes a good story :p that makes him okay in my book, pilgrim

    • avatar for Teresa
    • who's city50... lol... do i know him

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    • Dude this blog makes my groggy azz friday mornings awesome. Like wildfire kid! ty Parag sir I look forward to your return, its too easy without you here :) lol

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    • I love it, I look fwd to Fridays to read City50's Blog!! Congrats Tony!

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    • City has such a way with words, doesn't he???

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    • i need to make it to one of these games. wow. LOL

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    • LOL - that's awesome.

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    • could we edit this to say shlongs or something yuk!