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  1. 2010-07-22 15:46:23

    Missing Person

    Look guys, normally I enter an amussing or funny blog. Today I am asking for your help to find someone who has gone missing. Alot of you know him and some dont. Let me give you a physical description to start. He is 5'11 and ???? Lbs. He is a mixed race male. 50% bear and 50% donkey. Thats right folks the BONKEY is missing. The BONKEY is covered in hair and probably starving right now. I have begun to distribute fliers all throughout the forrest I mean Redwood City. The BONKEY was last seen in early June of 2010 at the Stable. I remember rubbing his belly as he layed in his hay patch. I shared a salmon flavored beer with the BONKEY. I then drove the BONKEY to his cave where no one has ever stepped foot into before. I slapped his huge paw good bye and that was it. Now some say that the BONKEY has gone into hibernation but its not winter. Others have claimed to seen the BONKEY out in the wild running and frolicking like a young BONKEY cub. But I know the hard thruth. This might come as a shock to you, but I cant have this secret any more. The BONKEY has fled to his homeland. You ask where? Africa? Italy? Amazon? To know this you must have had an encounter with a BONKEY. I have been studying and following this BONKEY for many years now. I have survived contless BONKEY attacks. I have shared meals with the BONKEY in the wild where he lives. I now must start my journey to find and bring back our beloved BONKEY. I will bring with me these listed items in an attempt to rangle in our great BONKEY.
    1. WEED 2. PATRON 3. MARLBORO REDS 4. RAW SALMON 5. HAY 6. MORE WEED 7. HENNESY MIXED WITH SPRITE 8. MORE WEED 9. 12 PACK SIERRA NEVADA 10. A BIG ASS BONKEY CATCHING NET. So as I go on my journey, wish me luck my friends. I will bring back our BONKEY!

    Posted by City50 at 2010-07-22 15:46:23

Comments on “Missing Person”

    • avatar for Jason E.
    • That was fucking hilarious!

    • avatar for Jason M
    • :) this makes me want to play at the stable more. soon...

    • avatar for Tony Gags
    • Ok this might be the greatest blog post of all time lol.