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  1. 2010-03-21 23:53:25

    City50 talks poker to the players at The Stable

    Lets talk some poker. Whats poker with out, bad beats, suck outs, big bluffs, great folds, snap calls, great get the picture. The game has changed and there is a new era of players coming in. Players such as Hectic every one thinks im bluffing RWC and D-Ray blame it on the alcohol Vongsy. Two uber aggresive but smart players. We have the originals Tony Im lucky but good as well gags and City50 seconds from shooting some one. Pete the Bonky and Gordo I run in to walls, fall and dont drop my beer. We will always have Mike giggle giggle Hughes and the occasional visit from old players. The game has turned from good times with buddies to strees and people almost going to blows over a fucking card game. We have people being banned from clubs over a fucking game of simple math and odds. Where has the fun of the game gone? Have we lost it forever? Sure poker should be played competively and sure we should all play to win, but lets try and bring back the fun to the game. We miss Sean I have something to say Springs and Kenny who the fuck are you people Ensmen. The game needs these guys and I say we push to get them back. I say that we left the "suspension" and FREE SPRINGS ! Lets get some fun and character back in our beloved game. Also I say we should play OMAHA tourneys dammit! People let me know what you think

    Posted by City50 at 2010-03-21 23:53:25

Comments on “City50 talks poker to the players at The Stable”

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    • lol @ D Ray...Hennessy it is!

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    • Napoleon, of course you took the under...

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    • who needs web comics when you get this stuff?

      btw, my captcha is 9449 - all in!

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    • Omg D. Post of the year! Ahahahahaha . Just awesome!

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    • Once upon a time there was a Asian guy that never knew how to play poker until he was introduced to Hennessy. Now he "thinks" he knows how to play but what happens if the alcohol is gone? I guess it's another 20-30 round losing streak :p

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    • very nice post

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    • LOL. Hey thanks for not calling me Napolean on Thursday. I won my side bet with Piraz. The over under was 6 1/2. I took the under!

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    • I hope that the RWC PD never reads the above paragraph which clearly reads to be an illegal gambling ran operation. LOL delete u mighty lil napolean! c u thursday

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    • Exactly! Lol.

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    • "The Stable"- Where all characters are welcome....just don't piss off Napoleon!

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    • Do we chop the last $15?

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    • No but you can have 35. Nice try :)

    • anonymous
    • Can i have my 50 bucks back

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    • Sending 2 players to play in the 1500 event with airfare, free rooms at the Venetian, based on countless hours setting up, keeping stats, cleaning, all for the sake of helping others have a chance to do something big. You want me to reinstate a guy who showed little respect for my house or me(at that moment, still love you Sean) I don't care if it was just 'The Boys" He would still be gone. Maybe there should be a deeper look into how people respect what I do on a weekly basis so people can have fun. Sure seems to me some people tend to loose sight of that. This isn't a club. People joined "The Stable" This is my game my rules. I am the dictator. Hey call me Napolean, I am short. You joined my game not a club. IF any of you don't like it I can give you your 50 back and you can play elsewhere, while the rest of us have fun and put a little competition in our lives. This has been a public service announcement from The Stable. "The End"

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    • LOL x 3

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    • LOL X 2

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    • Don't Know who that springs guy is but i agree.

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    • LOL.