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  1. 2009-01-16 17:10:02

    Peanuts anyone?

    Lets see now......City50 2nd in chips already in the money sitting with giggle giggle and the fugitive. Fugitive decides that since he is out of his sling and has had his sex change surgery he decided he was gonna push all in with his KJ when City50 has 88 in the big blind. Of course City50 insta calls because he knew that the fugitive had a BS hand. Of course like clockwork K blank K on the flop and City50 is crippled and two hands later knocked out by giggle giggle. City50 3rd place. City50 did some dishonorable things by throwing the cards, and slamming his chips on the table and City50 would like to take this time to say SMD! The old City50 is back bitches beware!

    Now for some action at the featured table. PARAG who last week introduced us to Nora (Matador) now known as (I GOT U) who played extremely well and took 2nd place last week. This week I GOT U gets in a big hand early with PARAG. City50 limps UTG with AK of spades four more limpers including I GOT U and the action comes to PARAG who is on the button and he raises. City50 along with the other four limpers call. Flop comes 2 K 4 two hearts one spade. Checks all the way around to PARAG who bets the pot. City50 being the pro that he is shows his cards to UPSPAWNGE and GORDO the other pro's at the table and throws his AK into the muck. Anyone else fold there? Unless you are a pro not likely. So any how action folds to I GOT U who calls the bet, 5 of spades on the turn and PARAG fires a huge bet. I GOT U thinks and says I shouldnt call this but I am. River J of hearts. I got U flips up her nut flush and states I GOT U hence the well earned name. Now I GOT U flipped her cards before any action took place on the river, actually saving PARAG the rest of his chips why you ask....well PARAG only had KK in his hand and floped a set. Anyhow I GOT U goes on to play well the rest the nite only to have her AA cracked by City50's 44 in a huge pot then later she bubbled when her A6 ran into City50's AA.

    City50 had the bluff of the nite when UPSPAWNGE raised UTG and City50 reraised with AJ of spades causing UPSPAWNGE to fold his QQ. Crow made a short visit to the stable and City50 bad beat? his KQ of diamonds with City50's AA. Kenny made a long awaited return to the stable last nite. Lets just say Kenny played like Kenny but just having him at the table is a joy (love ya brotha).

    GIGGLE GIGGLE took down the tourney last nite therefore winning a New years day bet between he and UPSPAWNGE. Giggle Giggle was bet that he would not win a tourney in three months time. You were right Tone it only took that lucky mother fucker two weeks not three months LOL!

    The Fugitive took 2nd place last nite. Thats all I am gonna say about that. Feelings might get hurt and lets just say I am saving my super Karate chop and litteral knock outs for another day.

    Another great nite at the stable and all who havent played with us please come join us. City50 outy 5000 Peace!

    PS> I GOT U...........WOW WOW WOW WOW.

    With out war we can have no peace, with out peace all we would have is war.........

    Posted by City50 at 2009-01-16 17:10:02

Comments on “Peanuts anyone?”

    • avatar for Tony Gags
    • ahahahahahaha

    • avatar for City50
    • Hey kyle no more kissing Tone's ass on my blogs. Ask him about AJ vs QQ. City50 Outy 5000 !

    • avatar for City50
    • Seriously? I dont need to post anonymous shit I think I am pretty up front. Thank you to who ever posted that message. K+T get off the nuts.

    • avatar for Tony Gags
    • lol im goin to start anon posts in my blog. Oh ups is so smart, oh he is so good looking, oh what a player. City your a weirdo!

    • avatar for Jason M
    • Did City50 just anonymously post on his own blog? LOL. j/k man (unless you did!)

    • anonymous
    • City50 is the best blogger on this site. Congrats on your cash.

      Hope to be at the stable next time.

    • avatar for FREMONTkyle
    • i think nora plays you like all the stable players play tone
      and the way all the huggins people play me she just wants to be in pots with you to beat you thats all

    • avatar for Tony Gags
    • You did nothing wrong in that hand except bet too much on the flop

    • avatar for City50
    • I think u played it fine maybe a bigger bet on the flop but I think Nora might still call you. In tourneys you need to be lucky skill comes into play when it comes to reading players and folding hands thats it. On line is set up and I hate it LOL. Not the cash games tho.

    • avatar for Mr. Segan
    • I am still thinking about that hand. Should I have raised more pre-flop to make A6 fold? I made it 2200 when the blinds were 300-600.

      Btw, Great Fold City50! You got to be a Pro to make that fold...

      When stuff like this happens online, I think its rigged. But, when this happens in live poker, it makes me think, is there really any skill really required in this game?

    • avatar for Tony Gags
    • I really feel slighted by the understatement lucky motherfocker. There is luck and then there is horseshoe up your wazooo luck. I picture last night as pretty much what Jerry Yang(my favorite tourny player) did to the main event field for 8 straight days. Varience is a biznatch Mike. It is gonna hit you hard