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  1. 2008-12-26 17:15:36

    Hello 2009!

    Last week City50 didnt get drunk enough or suffer any horrible play from any of the donkeys at the stable so unfourtunatley I didnt have any amo for my blog. Hopefully my next blog will have a story to tell and I GUAREN DAMN TEE the story will end with a City50 victory! 2009 is my year.........its been three years since City50's remarkable dominance in the poker world......City50 has been a dormant volcano for the past three years. All the bad beats unlucky hands and just pure stupid drunk play has been bubbling and heating up deep inside of City50. This is a warning to all poker players who step in front of City50.....City50 will explode and burn you like liquid hot magma! This is a WARNING! This is City50's year ..........City50 will now be known as City50 The Diablo! Which means fighting chicken in spanish.........The fire is coming kids and City50 is holding five gallons of gas and a bic lighter! The volcano is smoking and when it erupts CITY50's magma will take over the poker world!......(Just imagine if Giggle Giggle's valcano erupted or should I say VOLCANO'SSSSSS!) GAME OVER kids City50 and his take over is approaching!!!!! Fear the future ......... City50 outy five thousand G!

    Posted by City50 at 2008-12-26 17:15:36

Comments on “Hello 2009!”

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    • I hope you have a good year, maybe i can get a stake or 2

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    • that means your mouth is open keep it that way son!

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    • yawn

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    • I'm ready Vesuvius, I'm ready...