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  1. 2008-11-14 18:58:35

    Nov 13th at the stable. A smack was deserved!

    City50 in a hand with a one armed kid who knows poker well and should have known better than to slow roll a poker player like City50.

    The one armed man (The fugitive) limps in early position. City50 limps in next with A9 off. Flop comes 10 9 2 with two clubs. The fugitive bets with City50 calling. Turn the A of clubs giving City50 Aces up. The fugitive bets again. City50 smelling a possible flush makes the call. The river is a 2. The kid bets 6k into 12k pot. City50 anounces that he is beat and believes The fugitive has the flush and City50 calls. (Now you can say ....well if you thought he had a flush why call? I drink alot when i play so there is your answer!) City50 exposes his hand and The fugitive takes his sweet ass rime to turn over his hand. The fugitive shows a 9 of clubs the slowly turns the Q of clubs for the Q high flush and the winning hand. City50 expressed is feelings about the slow roll and the night went on and the Fugitive ended up yaking the Tourney down. Good for the kid he does play well but the next time you slow roll City50........Lets just say we will have to change your nickname son!


    Posted by City50 at 2008-11-14 18:58:35

Comments on “Nov 13th at the stable. A smack was deserved!”

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    • LMAO, this has to be one of the best blog entries I have read in a while.

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    • How come I didn't get a monket dance last night when you sucked out on me last night?

    • anonymous
    • The last time somebody slow-rolled me, I tore his arm off!

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    • lol. i hate those slow-rolling bastards. hahahahh. at least you knew his hand!

    • anonymous
    • thank you, may i have another... get em' City50

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    • You are a nerd lol