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  1. 2009-01-02 23:35:41

    What another great nite at the stable. City50 finished 4th not 5th Gags.

    City50 made his weekly appearance at the stable on new years day. City50 was feeling super after staying up till 5am new years eve reading poker books and idolizing his role model UPSPWNGE actually City50 was getting fucking smashed and UPSPWNGE was at home making a new year's wish......." Dear God please let me grow this year, I am not asking for feet only 2 or 3 inches so I can feel like a real boy!" Then the next day UPSPWNGE drinks 1/2 a coorslite and claims to be drunk! Wow we had fun! You were hammered and spoke jibberish the whole nite but you were suprisingly hilarious. So back to the stable another unfourtunate nite for City50. Finishing 4th and Tony fix that shit because I bubbled not Kyle me...Kyle was to busy getting crushed by my boy CRIIIIIZZZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Thats right Kyle learn how to play and know that top pair will be beat by two pair on the river! (And you might say well it was all in on the flop and you were ahead....very true but its not my fault you were not born with the skills of City50 and you are able to see the near future. Read a book son! Just kidding that was horrible and it was nice playing with you. City50 coin flipped with Crow 99 vs AJ and Crow spike dhis Ace on the flop and that was it!

    Now some stories. Vinnie Mac made an appearance and was crushed in a hand by Giggle Giggle's lovely wife Doodle Bop. Then was semi slow rolled in the same hand.......Nice. V Mac flopped set and Doodle Bop rivered a bigger set classic, We learned that UPSPWNGE's best friend was extremely proud to have been voted BIGGEST PREPY BITCH in high school which City50 had to remind him he still was lol. Springs made his long awated return and played great. Sober poker what a difference. I experienced that when i donk get smashed I play better.....which means I play better than perfect! Thats right City50 is the most Perfectist player in the whole world.

    I dont have any bad beat stories except for Crow RAPING Kyle with his J7. I can explain. Most people say...... I got fucked in a hand. The truth is you are not getting fucked you can choose to fuck or not fuck. The fact of the matter is you got didnt want to get fucked, you screamed no stop I dont want to.....there for it was rape. This metaphor is trade marked by City50 for usage only in bad beat poker hands. Any how I heard Mark G make a comment about not having a nickname so here it goes. " Mark (It doesnt matter how good your hand is or how far behind i am I will end up beating you some how and crushing your hope) G. Again trade marked by City50. Suck my dicks and Im outy 5000 G!

    Posted by City50 at 2009-01-02 23:35:41

Comments on “What another great nite at the stable. City50 finished 4th not 5th Gags.”

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    • I miss Teresa....Gordo know what I'm saying!

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    • Mark your a great guy! But your suprised Mark didn't make the money with all those chips? Hmmmmmm

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    • I wish I could write like City 50. Im surprised Mark didnt make the $ with all them chips! GRRRR

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    • Hahahaha what the hell

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    • lol it was on the turn, and ADMIT IT it was a GREAT CALL he just must of sucked all 6 dicks because he raped me 3 times that night but that last one was a 600 dollar rape because after winning that pot he had 400K in chips but after he said hed show i knew by the look he had that he was full of it and insta called with Q6os DAMN LUCK BOX

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    • oh and i dont put people in order(that would be impossible in my state last night) Just the top three.

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    • Beautiful, just beautiful