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  1. 2011-04-24 16:26:05

    Bankrolls, Bars, Baseball, Beer, LOL live pokerz

    Well did you think I wasn't going to blog cause the chase has been suspended? Might as well keep the journey recorded cause I don't think it is over quite yet. Got the good news that the D.O.J has already cut a deal with Stars and Tilt to return our monies to us. Happened way quicker than expected. Just more proof that online poker is going to be fast tracked into regulation, with clearer cut rules on deposits, and withdrawals. Should be a few weeks until Stars can get a payment system up and running so we can get our monies back. In the meantime I decided to mix in a little fun, and work while waiting for me money to be available so I can transition it to a live bankroll. Went to The Yardhouse at Santana Row on Tuesday for lunch with Tomas. That place is pretty sweet. Think of it as a super fancy B.J's with a way better beer selection. Over 130 on tap to be precise. I had a lienencugels sunset wheat from the tap. It was legit. Surprised it was so much better than out of the bottle. After that we went to Bay101 to play some 1-2-2. Only word is laughable. 5 limpers every pot, bottom pair payoffs to nits who hadn't played a hand. It was like going from fishing in the ocean trying to catch a Kracken, to fishing in a lake right in front of the trout farm. We didn't stay too long as we had to make our next stop, which was dinner at B.J's with The Gordo, Tomas, and Red Sox Sammie. Well there went three pitchers in about 30 mins. Ended up the night hitting up a couple of dive bars (is there anything but in Newark?), where we had a few games of pool (cutthroat), and got smashed by Sammie in every match. Ended the night at a 24 hr Carls Jr. Double Western is surprisingly, quite tasty at 4am. Got the requisite 6 hours sleep and headed off to the Red Sox Game on Wed. Sox won and despite the dreary weather and hangovers we managed to tailgate for a few hours pre game. Thurs brought some much need rest and cash as I took down our Thursday night poker game. I was dryer than a busted speakeasy during prohibition so that helped. I am getting excited for Vegas, and the WSOP right now. Always happens in late April. Our Club gives away 2 seats and I pretty much got one of them locked up. The other one is up for grabs, and it is gonna be a dog fight between the other 2 guys in contention. Friday I decided to go to Aj's, and see what the action was like there. The structure is better than bay 101. 1-2-2 but 400 max instead of 200 max buy in. Only problem is one table running could be a sign that the trip might not always be worth it. With gas prices the way they are, I have to add these things to my expenditures. Nevertheless, same kind of player, same result. Looks like live will be able to hold me over until online pokerz comes back. Saturday we took Ava to Menlo Park for an Easter egg hunt. Amazing how many people were there. A group of us and the kids went to The Office for some lunch. Overall a good week to be out of a job I guess. This week I plan on seeing if there is any action at Aj's cause as I said I like the structure. If not I'll probably just go to Bay101 cause the player traffic is greater there. When I finally get my roll of Stars I'll probably move up to the 2-3-5.

    Happy Easter Everyone!
    Tony Gags

    Posted by Tony Gags at 2011-04-24 16:26:05

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    • finally catching up on my reading... i'm gonna check out the yardhouse, tks for the tip. i hope the live games treat you well. i've made a few grand in theoretical money in the last few times i've played, but we all know what that means :p i can't shake off the 8-percenters for those 1200 pots. unfortunately i have a lot of trips planned in the next months, so wsop is gonna be tough. i would have liked to make it the same time you guys are there, but it's gonna be tough. hope to catch your game one of these times.