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  1. 2011-03-31 01:04:22

    Flu, Blue, and Nothing New

    I know it has been awhile since I updated what has been going on. The reason. Well poker is just straight boring lol. I got sick in mid March and still haven't fully recovered. (In process of some tests at the moment) My results have picked up monetarily wise, which is good, but there isn't really anything new to report due to I haven't been playing a ton, and since I don't feel well I am not exactly going out a lot. To be honest this is the first time I ever have been anywhere remotely scared about my health. I am behind pace a few days now due to the week or so I was sick, so I pretty much have decided to abandon the goal of being done by November. It kinda makes sense anyway, cause me and tons of free time means way too much drinking and not enough motivation lol. I am going to just take days off when I need to, or have something fun planned(which should be the point of working for yourself anyway) I realized I am going to want to go to most of the Giants weekday afternoon games so the earlier plan would not of worked out. This takes a lot of pressure of getting so many hands done in a day, and the rescaling of my projected pace has me not too far behind. Mind you I need to get to 1 mirron by Dec 31st. I also have moved back up to 400nl, which is nice cause the size of the pots make the Vpp go way faster, so even getting less hands in a day has the same result as when I was grinding a ton at 200 nl. (which I still plan on doing for the sole fact the games are better there) Stable has taken a bit out of me this year. Seems people are not as into it as last year, and it has been a grind to get some new blood infused into the game. I don't expect too much rah rah cause poker is a solitary game, but in a few spots I have been hurt by some comments or misunderstanding of the game in general. Eh product of being in charge I guess. Hard to please everyone, especially when so many diff. personalities are involved, and sometimes poker is the only common denominator. Anyways. Upward and Onward folks. I am doing my best to reach this goal. It is tough but I am still on track and still chuggin along. GoGoGoGo

    Vpp 219789
    Vpp needed to be on pace 230952

    Posted by Tony Gags at 2011-03-31 01:04:22

Comments on “Flu, Blue, and Nothing New”

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    • Puss out not in my vocab sir! Will do

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    • hey man, thanks for the traffics :)

      don't puss out. it's only march! i'll come over and help motivate you if that's what you need. nobody likes baseball anyway. poker is life!

      seriously, though. get healthy and kick some ass. i still love you!