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  1. 2011-02-26 03:23:01

    Size Matters.........

    Stack size that is dirty minded peeps! Pokerstars thankfully got rid of the 20-55bb tables and brought back the 40-100 bb tables. This effectively made all the ratholing short stackers leave the games and go to the 20bb cap tables. Probably isn't a coincedence that since this has happened my results have turned around. I just play better with deeper stacks, the rake can actually be beat, and the fish have to buy in for more. I don't think I ever really adjusted to the 50bb tables, at least to a point where I could consistantly know I could beat the rake. Still running way below ev in all in pots but with the bigger stack sizes I can make up for it with a lot more non showdown winnings. I am now about 6 days ahead of pace which is nice. My plan is to be 60 days ahead of pace by halloween so I can take the last 2 months off. Not much going on in the way of crazy happinings on the life front. Went to Sam's Chowder house and I highly recommend it. So dang good. Lobster roll is a must. Ava is growing so fast I can't believe it. Walking and talking with daddy attitude already. Anyways gonna keep this one short. Upward and onward gogogogogogo!

    Posted by Tony Gags at 2011-02-26 03:23:01

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    • GL dawg. I'm glad it's pointing up for you lately. You are not on pace for 60 days ahead, but I suppose you know math and can figure that one out for yourself :) Kick some ass!

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      lol @ walking and talking with daddy attitude!