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  1. 2011-04-15 23:54:05


    Those of you that know me, and my cocky, smart ass, tongue in cheek, finger to the world License plate(pick one of those according to how well you know me, if you know me really well then all of them apply) can gather what the title of this blog refers to. Today the N.Y. Attorney Generals office. indicted Pokerstars on a number of charges. Things like money laundering, fraud, and all kinds of other legal mumbo jumbo. What does this mean to me and my SNE chase? Well simply put, it is over.....for now. I tis all fresh, and I have a number of opinions on the matter, but I just am not going to share all of them this early into the game. I will say that this seems like a calculated move by the Govt, Stars, and the land based Vegas casinos into getting legislation passed to legalize online poker in the U.S. I wouldn't be surprised if a deal was already done before the indictments went down. last month stars and Wynn partnered up, as did a lot of other sites with land based casinos. A month later they are being indicted? Hmmm smells fishy. There are too much political positions to be gained, too many tax dollars, and much needed revenue for the U.S., to be lost if they simply tried to eradicate a form of gambling that has been deemed a skill game by many states in this country already. Regardless I hope what comes of this is that they just legalize online poker in the U.S. This happens and now you can allow credit card transactions, and multiple other avenues for the recreational player to play online. Will it sting not to be able to complete my goal? Not to be able to play online for what amounts to probably anywhere from 6-18 months? Yes it does, but in the long run it could be a great thing for poker players in the U.S. In the meanwhile I apologize in advance if you see me sitting across from you at one of your tables at LC's or Bay101 real soon.
    Tony gags

    Posted by Tony Gags at 2011-04-15 23:54:05

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    • I hope you're right, T-DAWG! For now, I hope to see an increase in PokerSoup traffic and better games at the casinos (where I play more frequently than online lately anyway!).

      Sorry about the SNE mang :/

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    • Yup that is exactly the point. Your money is fine on the big sites cause it is out of D.O.J juristiction to seize funds from these sites. Payment processors on the other other hand have to worry and have been either shut down, seized, or ran off with the money people who tried to cashout. Lesson here? Stay calm and wait it out.

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    • fyi, if you happen to play at other sites, i heard it was a good idea to get all your money off of other pkr sites as well asap, (i.e. cake, bodog, doylesroom etc) instead of trying to play there, cause its only a matter of time for them supposedly.

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    • Pokerstars has very sophisticated software that can detect this. It is no online poker for this country until. A. This is solved in court(which is not likely to be the D.O.J mission here. B. Deal is made and or legislation is later passed to regulate online poker here. Pokerstars is a European based company with a lot of money and obviously their lawyers(from which I heard are some of the best in the world lol) believe they were not breaking any laws. I think this shows by the compliance they have shown already with the D.O.J. Sorry rambling here. What I am saying is better off not even playing and waiting it out instead of trying to find ways to play

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    • I haven't researched it, but wouldn't it be possible to proxy to another machine in another country and play from there??

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    • What happens to the money in the Stars/FullTilt accounts? Is it frozen?