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  1. 2011-01-22 02:54:03

    Cougars, and Cabs with Man Hands

    Started out the week with a donkament at my place on Saturday afternoon. Finished third which was meh, but was fun all the same. A bunch of us decided to go to downtown RWC to get some apps and have a few more drinks( like we needed them) Went to this place called Mandoulin, and the apps there were great. After we stumbled over to the Tequilla Lounge where we got fully wanded. Ummmm yeah you think the TSA is bad? I had to take a rape shower after that experience. Walked in there and it was salsa night. Nora somehow got Gordo out on the dance floor and was immediately back in 5 mins.....Nice college try G. Was not feeling the place as it felt like I was in the fanciest bar the gang The Bloods were allowed. After the 20th hard look I decided I was drunk enough to say something stupid so we left. We walked over to this place called The Living Room, and it was much better. Didn't even have to spread my cheeks to get in. What a bonus. There we settled down on a couch drank some really good old German wheat beer, and just chopped it up. We were interrupted by a few of the many Cougars roaming the wild, which was okay caused looked like Gordo was enjoying himself. I put on my Cougar repellent a.k.a Nora's sunglasses and proceeded to do what I always do drunk in these situations. Sit there with a stupid smirk on my face and people watch with my beer. Gordo's pet and her friend seemed like nice enough people so the conversation was cool. Neilsen decided to one up one of these said cougars by telling her he had higher security clearance at NASA. Well man he almost got his head bit off! lol. Anyways to end the night our roller skating waitress (it was 70's night) decided she hates the owner who's B day it was, so she gave us a bag filled with chocolates and the owners B day card lol. We sauntered...eerrr stumbled off, and somehow managed to find the only cab in RWC with a cab driver we couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman. Per usual we went to the JB drive thru to get some food to have with our 250 bottle of Utopias. Yeah made sense at the time lol. There I turned to Gordo in the light and said. "Look at her man hands!" Dunno if he/she heard but damn those hands were huge. We managed to make it home in one piece only to find I lost my cell....again. Eh wanted the Iphone back anyway. Ended the night just drinking some more and watching G turn my sink into a scene from poltergeist, and that was my cue to hit the bed. Woke up Sunday at around noon and went back to work.....

    On to the poker. Not much to tell here this week. Ran about 3500 under ev, managed to keep my losses down, and my tilt at a minimum. I have noticed I am tilting once in awhile, so I think I might cut down on the amount of hours I play at a time from 4 to 3. Cashed in 3 straight donkament live , and still ahead of pace for SNE. Next week I will throw up some pictures and stuff in the blog since it will be my last one for the month.

    VPP Needed 57036

    VPP Earned 61243

    Posted by Tony Gags at 2011-01-22 02:54:03

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    • In Tahoe, so I am gonna skip this weeks blog and do an end of the month one next Friday. Have a great weekend guys

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    • nice bday night man :p

    • anonymous
    • Hey, good luck and keep up the good work. We miss you at NKC brotha. Glad to hear about your escapades. T-Lounge is aight. I used to work there as a bouncer, so I understand the questionable feel. That's what makes it. Head down to Martin's West next time. They have super cush couches.