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  1. 2011-02-02 07:38:35

    Hot Tub Tahoe Time Machine

    Last 2 weekends have been great. Trekked up Edgewood with my daughter on my back which was unreal hard, but worth it to see how excited she got to be on the mountain. Just got back from Tahoe where I had a fun weekend with the family, and some friends. Tried to turn myself into a Simpsons character by falling and cracking my face on the railing next to the hot tub while checking to see if it was hot yet at 1 am. I mean, me and another guy did shovel 4 feel of freaking snow to get to it so I was pretty gun ho about going in lol.

    Poker wise it is just not going well. I continue to pretty much be on the worse run of my life and I have had to drop down a level as of yesterday. I am still on pace, but it isn't going to matter if I run out of money. Hey anyone hiring at In and Out. Kinda like the food there lol. I review my sessions like religion and they make me want to scream. I'd tell you that my ev is unreal gross....blah blah blah but it's only a small part of the story. I actually cut my tilt down to almost zero which is an honest answer cause I know when I tilt. I haven't cracked yet but let's see. I can feel the thoughts creeping in........Was planning on posting some pics but not in the mood(first sign of breakdown?)

    Posted by Tony Gags at 2011-02-02 07:38:35

Comments on “Hot Tub Tahoe Time Machine”

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    • all work and no play makes tony something something...

      sorry to hear, dude. maybe i can make it to the stable thursday and you can cry on my shoulder :(

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    • I'm sure it will turn around man, just keep your head up. Hopefully, you're not flopping a boat of 5, 8, 8, (when holding pocket 5's), only to have a K on the turn and deuce on the river, and end up having the 3rd best hand to to K/8 off and pocket K's.