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  1. 2010-10-05 09:20:23

    2/8 at Chips Today Unlucky This Time


    Hey everybody I am here for my 57th blog post on site very exciting and thankful to be able to do this. Today will be about my trip to La Center and how I felt like I was very unlucky in two big pots that costed me my session. I bought in for 100 which at this game is enough to take a couple of hits and be ok.

    Significant Hand to Discuss

    I am up around 30 bucks when I receive in the big blind with a 4 way pot to the flop. The flop comes out This girl bets 5 one person calls and I called. The turn brings an which made me believe this was a good card to see cause it wasn't a spade boy was I wrong. This girl bets 5 I raise the max to 13 and she re raises to 21 I called. the river didn't bring me my king she bets the max 8 dollars and I just called saying "show me your set" and she had . I look back on the hand what are you going to do maybe raise the max on the flop she might believe I have the king and she can release it that is the only difference it could of played out but not much you can do when you get two outed like that.

    Second Big Hand

    Down 35 dollars at this point and being under the gun I look down at I raised to 6 bucks and had 4 callers. The flop brings the blinds check I fire out the max without even thinking this guy to the left of me folds (After some pondering) the guy to the left of him calls and the blinds fold. The turn brings a (The guy to the left of me acts like he folded pocket nines with his body language which hurts my bluff buy the pot move that I was trying to pull off) I fire out another max bet and was called. The river brings a and I bet the max, now I have raised under the gun and bet out all 3 streets if he put me on or then he would make a great call otherwise there is to many hands that I can turn up here and crush him. None the less the calls and shows and won the pot most definitely took the wind out of my sails.

    Hand I Busted On

    Later on I am down 65 and pick up by far the best hole card hand I have had the whole time. The action pre flop goes min raise to 4, called by a super short stack I raise the max to 12 the other super short stack goes all in for her last 10 and was called by the other players (Putting 2 players all in). The flop comes out action was checked to me I bet the max and was called a hits the turn and we checked to the river a hits the river and he bets the max I raised my last two dollars all in and he has and one of the all ins had . I look at that hand in disgust unbelieveable besides an 8 the absolute worst river card I can see. I was more then a 4 to 1 favorite to the river sent me driving home thinking that I played well but getting unlucky in some key pots is very frustrating to think about for a half an hr on the way home.

    Food for Thought

    After getting home and finishing this post I feel disgusted but after talking to Victor on the way home helped I was on a good streak lately and I guess I was due for a loss. With only 1 hand that I shot myself in the foot on otherwise I played well and wasn't upset about that but I guess you can't win them all. Roll now down to 440 hope I can do well in the next Justin cash game hoping we can play this Friday I would love to play some NL again. Until next time play well and may all your pots be monster.

    Posted by Nick L at 2010-10-05 09:20:23

Comments on “2/8 at Chips Today Unlucky This Time”

    • anonymous
    • A/3 off under the gun? You deserved what you got. "Ace little, through it in the middle"

    • avatar for Graham
    • 1) Agree with Jason. What's your line if the 8 doesn't come? If a spade doesn't come? With that structure, are you thinking there's enough money in the pot that no one folds turn, river since 8 is the big bet? What do you do if a spade comes? Might as well take control of the pot.

      2) The 'without even thinking' bit might have been your undoing. That is a bluff tell. Not that I'd have played that hand anyway.

      3) Why don't you get it in on the turn? Why let him have a freebie when you've got the goods?

    • avatar for Jason M
    • I'm sorry to hear about the loss. My thoughts:

      1) I'm not sure if it would have mattered, but I would have jammed on that K3 flop. You have 2 interested people (hopefully a king), there are potential draws, and it could appear to be a squeeze. This is a good opportunity to get more money in.
      2) A3o UTG is just trash. After that, I think you took a decent line (calling the whole way with 66 is tough).
      3) Sucks.

      Keep your chin up. Play some smaller home games and build back up.