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  1. 2009-11-20 11:23:20

    My win at Anh's House

    The Latest

    Hey everyone it has been ages since I posted on here how about I get you caught up. Or the non poker playing that I have encountered over the last 4 months. Anyway basically to sum it up I have played at a minimum online and nothing live at all.

    The Setup

    Everybody starts out with 6k in chips and the starting blinds are 25/50 the pay out is 3 places and tonight he had 8 people participate I guess on a normal basis there is 12-14 people. After the re buys the pay out was 30,70,140.

    My Start

    Basically I just folded a few rounds and sat patiently. I hit a flush on the river out of the big blind against a flopped 2 pair that this guy slow played and it bit him in the ass. Not to much later, I pick up with the blinds at 100/200 I made it 600 to go in middle position and I got 2 callers. The flop came out action goes check, bet 1k I go instantly all in and was called. This guy to the right of me flips over the turn brought him a double gutter with his outs being any Queen, 9, or a King I was sweating it out. The river put out a blank and I picked up a much needed pot and started to command the action. If I would of lost this pot I would of been under 1k and most likely out in 8th place and a early night.

    Knockout Stages

    We still had our original 8 when the re buys were over after the 1st hour. I was 2nd in chips and looking good with the average stack of the other players were about half of what I had. With this in mind I had the confidence to have a money showing for sure. I stole the blinds a couple of times from late position and kinda just hung around waiting for the blinds to climb up to have some people just go all in cause they had to. I picked up I raised 3 times the big blind and he goes all in I called after deliberation. The host had I pulled it out and took out the 1st guy. After some play we were down to 6. Play was pretty tight I was caught stealing a pot and stole some pots just hanging in that 2nd place spot and waiting for people to make mistakes. I ended up taking out the 6th place guy with in a 3 way all in pot with the short stack all in and with me and the other guy checking it down.

    3 Handed

    After a knockout of the guy to the left of me and a showdown pre flop with vs we are in the money and now down to 3 players the blinds at this point are 500/1k. With being 2nd place in chips and 2.5-1 behind the chip leader I was hoping to get my money in good and see what happens. I picked up in the small blind and it was a 3 way limp pot. The flop comes out I bet out 3,500 and the chip leader goes all in after not much thought I called pretty quick. He shows with outs being an 7 or a diamond to catch I did not get unlucky and won. This was a huge pot that turned all the momentum to me cause I ended up doubling up through the chip leader and have all the makings now to win. I took out the former chip leader with you guessed it vs .

    Heads Up and Food for Thought

    We get down to heads up and it took about 30 hands going into the heads up match I had at least a 3-1 chip lead. In the Beginning he won a few pots and narrowed the gap a little bit. I proceed to chip away at his dwindling chip stack with a lot of flop betting and pre flop raising. I ended up with the winning hand of and he didn't connect with that I was happy to end about 4hrs of play and the win. He was kind enough to take the picture that I now have on my Facebook page.

    With this being a weekly thing on a Thursday I am very happy that I can finally play in a weekly game. A big thank you to Steven for inviting me to the game and a thank you to Anh for hosting. With that I am ready for bed it is 3:15 am. Take care and may all your pots be monster.

    Posted by Nick L at 2009-11-20 11:23:20

Comments on “My win at Anh's House”

    • avatar for Nick L
    • Indeed AT is the hand of the night. I will try not to blow them out I just know so much about tournament poker where it was pretty simple after the 1st AT hand. I am just glad to have a weekly game now win or lose and sharpen those skills.

    • avatar for Jason M
    • nice work, man! let me know how it goes next time :) make sure you don't blow them out every time or they won't let you come back! j/k. AT is your new favorite hand, huh?

    • anonymous
    • Good win son, play tight and be careful with your money!