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  1. 2010-09-22 10:14:02

    The Break is Over

    Why I haven't wrote on here in a Longtime

    For the past year since last September I have been back to playing Magic the Gathering and just recently sold my collection a couple of weeks ago. With that out of the way and a backseat in my hobby life I can turn my focus back to playing more live poker then online.

    My New Place

    I am in the current stages of moving back into Vancouver which will give me easier access to La Center and closer to cash games in town. Which will help with less travel to work and games to attend.

    Bay Area trip to Jason's and Poker

    I just got back from my once a year trip to the Bay Area to visit with family and head over to Foster City to see Jason. Mix alcahol some poker and fun times always equals a great trip. Now time for the poker on Saturday night our group made a trip to Livermoore where Jason's old co worker Neo lives and literally across the street is a small poker room attached to a bowling alley. The place to me is best described as more depressing as playing at Chips in La Center. Combine a small room, An older crowd and no music (Not even turned down low over the speaker system) It is so boring to play there. After learning how to play Settlers Jason Neo and I headed over to the tournament that started at 7. After some play I caught a lucky with to river the wheel. Two hands after I was knocked out and headed on over to the 3/100 cash game which is right up my alley. For those of who are wondering what is the 3/100 game? This is where you can bet anywhere between 3 dollars and 100 dollars with no cap on how many times you can make the max raise (At this casino that is there rule always check with the floor mgr cause each casino is different).

    Two Important Hands

    The 1st hand I will discuss was actually the 3rd hand I sat down at the table I started this game with 176 dollars. I pick up in the big blind someone makes a pre flop raise to 18 dollars and two people call I make a strong re raise to 75 dollars hoping for 1 caller to isolate my hand. I got my wish with 1 person putting there last 17 dollars on top of my raise he flipped over . With the flop bringing him a 10 to make a straight it failed to come up with this win I received a nice shot in the arm right out of the gates.

    The 2nd and last hand I will talk about I pick up in the small blind and it was a 5 way limp pot going to the flop. The flop brings with being 1st to act I check and the action get's checked around to this guy and he bets just under the pot with a 20 dollar bet and without hesitation I make it 70 dollars to go and after much deliberation he decided to fold and showed {kj}. Now I bet your asking why wouldn't you just call the flop and check raise the turn? To be honest the pot was big enough for the hand to my stack at the time. I was playing the tight aggressive style but sometimes with bad hands as well I was betting the same way. I was figuring that I wanted to play for whatever his stack was for a huge pot after knowing that I out flopped his hand with him not instantly calling my re raise on the flop.

    Food for Thought

    After Saturday's session I was up 287 dollars this more then paid for my trip. With this win I will have the confidence to sit right back into the 4-40 game at Last Frontier Casino at La Center and expect to do well with patience and common sense. After Saturday and recent wins at a cash game that Justin hosts here and there my bankroll is at 540. I am now looking forward to increase my roll and writing on the site more. Until then take care and may all your pots be monster.

    Posted by Nick L at 2010-09-22 10:14:02

Comments on “The Break is Over”

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    • For Sure Graham on that thank you for the response on here.

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    • Hell yeah, man. Good to have you back. Give me a call sometime. We'll hit up La Center and take 'em down.

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    • Thanks for the post, man. I don't know how you forgot about the live music, though. You don't remember hearing crappy karaoke coming from the bar whenever somebody opened the doors from the poker room? Hah. Honestly, though, this place is far better than anything in La Center: seven nice poker tables with automatic shufflers, free pizza and other snacks, and a fair share of beautiful/friendly dealers. Oh, and most importantly: it's 3/100 spread instead of 4/40.

      Glad to see you're rounding again.