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  1. 2009-07-12 00:17:38

    Latest Update on Cake and live Bankroll

    Smashed on Cake

    Hey everyone, I have played enough in the last week to write another post about my play and my goal to obtain from my last post. First off I wanted to give you a great update on Cake, playing some 25/50 while smashing that today. I then went to a 50/1 table and got lucky on the river on two hands that I misread and felt like I received a gift to win. Regardless, I now have 415 in the account and very happy about it now I can regularly play 10/20 and go for 15 dollars per session. That seems like the correct winning ratio for my account balance at the moment. After the next section I will talk about the hands that I escaped in and doubled up in both.

    La Center On Thursday

    When I last left you, my live roll had 220 and going into Thursday I went with 270 after a nice win at Justin's cash game which was up down then up again. I only wanted to play the 2/8 spread game and started off on a terrible start. I lost my 100 that I bought in based on terrible whole cards, bad flops, and when I had somewhat of a good hand I would keep getting raised and forced to fold. I bought in for my last 170 ( All of my bankroll) and after 30 minutes or so I caught fire by turning the nuts with a gut shot and made some nice money. Then the next hand I had and flopped a set I got a max bet on the turn and river out of it. Later we had to combine tables I brought $213 over by this time it was 2am or so. I proceeded to flop a flush in a 5 way pot with and won a very nice pot and knocked out 2 people in the process. Lost a pot by flopping a gut-shot and a flush draw on the flop, I did win with three times twice by bluffing but felt like I played the hands correct with my foes not showing strength. Overall after 5 and a half hours of play I was down 70 which is good to climb out of an early hole. I was able to play a whole bunch of hands now sitting at 200 looking to play again up there but that will have to be in the future.

    Hands that I escaped on Cake

    The first hand that I will discuss, involves me having with a 7 high board I bet out and was raised thinking I can get him off his hand. I shoved he called with and this was for most of my account with a on the river I doubled up. The second hand was with me having I raised 6 dollars preflop with one caller to the flop. It came out with I bet out 15 and was called the hit the turn I immediately shoved he insta called with . I proceeded to river a for the win I left the table soon after. Now I am going to take a couple of days off and not think about the session and re group before I go into the 10/20 cent bankroll play.


    Lately when the flop comes out with 3 flush boards I am assuming that they don't want to call. With there suit being to low for there draw or won't call with top pair and a good kicker cause they would think that they are running into a monster that they can be potentially drawing dead to. I am also over valueing pocket pairs on low boards. With my pair higher then what the flop brings out. It looks like I am just misreading the strgenth of hands. I am just assuming that I am either good to make this play or just think that my pocket pair is good enough to call an all in. Maybe it is me not being as sharp any suggestions from the pokersoup community?

    Food for Thought

    This will be a brief section but now with 618 combine with both the live and online bankrolls. My goal is in site stay tuned for posts coming up, upon which I will give everyone new updates on my progress in the meantime, Take care and may all your pots be monster.

    Posted by Nick L at 2009-07-12 00:17:38

Comments on “Latest Update on Cake and live Bankroll”

    • avatar for Jason M
    • this is the same solid advice i've been giving for ages. thanks for backing me up, svidri

    • avatar for Svidri
    • here is some BR advice with real numbers--

      25nl - 500 min
      50nl - 1k min
      100nl - 4k min
      200nl - 10k min

      if you can beat these games for like 5bb/100, your risk of ruin will be <5% following this guide even if you never step down.

      if you can't beat these games, well, so long as one is a losing player, no bankroll can ever be sufficient.

      also, this doesn't mean you need 10k in your online account. google tommy angelo's definition of "bankroll." lol.

      good luck!

    • avatar for Tony Gags
    • If you don't have 20-30 buy ins for the level you are playing you are not practicing good bankroll management. It is that simple. If you never break this rule it is vutually impossible to go broke. To be honest I think unless you have 20 buy ins to the .50-1 game I really wouldn't consider that a bankroll if you don't make money solely from poker. I would be more apt to take shots at some 20 dollar tournies and see if you could get a bankroll from cashing big in one of those. The more money you have online and the bigger source of income it is for you the more important it is to practice bankroll management. I think taking shots at some big scores is ok unless you are a proven winner over like a few hundred thousand hands or else your gonna be grinding micros for a loooong time.

    • avatar for Nick L
    • Thank you Patti for the comment nice to meet you on here. I talked to Jason and after a good talk with him. I came to the conclusion that losing my roll last week is not that I am a bad player it is just that I haven't showed displine when even I lose a couple of buyins. This loss is not the end of the world considering this run was on rakeback money of 2.20 to 450. This time it is starting with 14.50 so I have showed the displine to build but not to maintain maybe more convos with Jason will work. I will post a new blog this coming week sometime of my tough night at La Center last night unitl then thank you for the feedback.

    • avatar for Jason M
    • I agree with Patti. I'm on CardRunners and use PokerTracker. I don't use them enough.

      BTW, my captcha is QQAA!!!!

    • avatar for Patti K
    • Hi Nick, you don't know me but I know Jason so I'm going to give you some "motherly" advice.... Always buy in for the maximum allowed. When you come into any online cash game with less than that (100 big blinds on most sites) the micro stakes regulars will target you and eat you for lunch. It screams "I am a newbie and I'm too scared to buy in for a full stack. I'm playing above my head, so here take my chips"! Not that this describes you, but it may appear this way to the regulars. And there are a ton of regulars at the stakes you're playing.

      I have a lot to say about bankroll mgmt, but I think Jason has said it all to you before... Stay away from the .50/$1 tables until you build up a nice little bankroll of at least 40 buy-ins.

      A good investment for you may be a $30 monthly subscription to video/training site. Many successful online cash pros are authors/contributors to the video library. Check it out. Your above mentioned concerns will be addressed there.

      Lastly, use a tracking software! Your foes are most certainly tracking your stats if you play a lot. I hear Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker are both good ones. Become proficient in interpreting the stats. Simply running the software is not enough.

      Wishing you much success. Play well, and manage your resources wisely. I look forward to hearing about your progress :)

    • avatar for Jason M
    • I'm glad you still are alive on Cake. I guess everything is a learning experience. But make sure you take those lessons to heart! We've been through this once already ;)

    • avatar for Nick L
    • Actually with the AQ hand I had 6 outs but that is beside the point. It would of been better off not to put this post out but it is better to put it all out there on the site. I am playing golf with Jonas tomorrow he had a winning 2/8 session tonight and I want him to have a blog on the site I think he will like it so I am going to talk with him about that. Currently I am at 438 on cake.

    • avatar for Jason M
    • Dude, quit playing outside of your bankroll!!!! You were 3 outs and then 2 outs away from losing your entire online bankroll. That's insane! You should be broke like 99% of the time when you get your money in like that.