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  1. 2009-06-28 10:06:49

    Revival on Cake


    I wanted to start out by saying good luck to Jason, Jeff & Stephen then last but not least Adrian in your events at the WSOP. In my last post I was talking about my live bankroll, well with moving into my new place that has been stagnet but what has been going on is my online play. I said that I busted my $100 that I deposited. Well, I received $2.20 in rakeback and after I got my internet, in less then 3 weeks with playing on average of a half hour a day playing the ranks of 2/4 cent then some 5/10 I have been dominating the 5/10 cent game and I now have $150. After play this weekend I am just under $150 but it is actually alot of fun to findout what I can turn this into from 2.20. I am playing 2 tables of 5/10 cent and trying to win an average of 10 bucks a day and move up from there.

    Food for Thought

    This was just a quick update on everything, I am wanting to see about playing with my live roll of $220 and go play the 2/8 spread game at La Center and build from that amount. My goal is to get to 1k and make a Vegas trip for myself and play nonstop hoping that goal will be obtained by the end of the year. Until next time play well and may all your pots be monster.


    Be sure to checkout Jason & Adrian's progress on his twitter page after noon on Monday to track how they are doing in a 1,500 event in the WSOP.

    Posted by Nick L at 2009-06-28 10:06:49

Comments on “Revival on Cake”

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    • that's an amazing story. from $2.20 to $150. it's good to hear you are applying the patience you've been learning. that will be very important as you work up to higher stakes. keep it up, and keep me in the loop. thanks for the support in vegas, even though we didn't win.