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  1. 2009-05-23 21:08:40

    Southern Oregon Back to a Bankroll


    Hey sorry about having no posts in the last 2 months. I have not been playing much (especially live) lost again on Cake running into bad luck but this time it is for half of my original investment from the previous time so not the end of the world. In the meantime live play has been on the after burners with typing up the strategy and finally finishing that last month I would say a main focus on my agenda.

    Ashland Trip

    As usual when I go and see a best friend of mine Brian that lives now in Ashland. I will play once at the 7 Feathers Casino in Canyonville about an hour north of Ashland. Where the 3/6 game to me is very easy people limping in on every hand!! calling you down with inferior kickers and will call raises it is almost like heaven at times. This time being last Thursday, I was only able to play for 45 minutes. I started out getting flopping top pair in a 3 way capped pot. I Kept betting out until the river and the guy folded to me taking down a nice pot. I am dealt in the SB I raised and was called 4 way pot to the flop. I missed the flop and bet out on the turn after missing again and getting 1 caller then I missed the river. I tried to fire again but it was a dumb move. This guy called me with the top pair on board which was an 8 not that big of a loss. I get dealt I proceeded to turn trip kings in a 3 way pot. I got a caller all the way to the river. Finally, what is great in the strategy playing Ax suited is a great option especially in limit I have I flopped 2 pair with 1 caller and 1 other is all in I turn the house with a and get a caller all the way and rake in a nice pot.

    After flopping top pair with Ace rag non suited and flop top pair with Q10. Three people cash out bringing us down to 3 handed and ending the game, it was terrible. I was seriously a tidal wave of destruction. I felt a rush night coming on but it didn't happen. I ended up cashing out with a total of 165 bucks. I bought in for 65 (losing some in roulette) coming out of the night ahead and knowing that this time I was just dealt very good hands more often then average. I didn't even have to think about my plays or question anything really which is nice to take a night off from time to time.

    Pretty nuts in a span of 45 minutes you get delt Ak suited 3 times and Ak off suit once turn a full house and your top kicker holds twice it is a beautiful thing.

    Food for Thought

    Here I am now I am caught up with expenses I can proceed to keep money in my room again and keep a live bankroll for the 1st time in a longtime. I found out through email that the Bridgeview Rounders has a cash game that I can play in and will seriously look into playing in that game in the near future. Winning some money will help instead of taking my whole roll just to go and play 1 session. I would rather take my time and build. As for the total it is only 230 for now but it will grow. I had a 165 bankroll in my head that was in my "checking" account. After getting money back that I was owed I didn't have to worry about taking anything out of the bank. Now I am looking to hit up La Center and the crazy crazy 3/6 game that is there and really test out the strategy. Until then, play well and may all your pots be monster.

    Posted by Nick L at 2009-05-23 21:08:40

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    • thanks for the update, man. glad to hear you are keeping the bankroll again and that it is building! i hope you can destory la center a couple times and really build it up.