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  1. 2009-03-28 10:49:44

    Bay Area Trip To Jason's


    Hey everybody how is play going? this post will consist of my bay area trip and what I did. Plus how two crazy calls knocked me out of two tournaments that I played in the last two weeks. Not to Mention this is my official 50th blog post on the site thank you to the Poker Soup staff for me to have my blog going on this long.

    Mackin Auto Body Charity Tournament

    Let me give you the lowdown on how it was setup. Their was 65 people each player started with 7k in chips with 15 minute blind rounds. I got off to a very nice start by taking down a couple of pots early by just betting then I flopped top set with with the action of check calling on the flop then check raising the turn I proceeded to shove on the river (Unfortuniately he didn't call) after that hand I was the dominate stack then I ran into a hand that I wanted to talk about. I picked up I tripled the BB and got 3 callers. The flop came out I bet out 800 and was raised by a fairly good player. Without even thinking I shoved he called and he had I then proceeded to hit runner runner flush for the win after that pot I had a very nice stack for the long haul. After the break, I was bleeding chips by losing a pot with with only less then 20 players left I get moved to a different table where nobody knows how I am playing.

    After folding 3 hands and two people getting knocked out I pick up under the gun with the blinds at 500/1000 with the blinds going up the very next hand to 1000/2000 I had about 18k in chips I tripled the BB to pick up the blinds and the big stack at the table calls. The flop comes out I bet out 4k and this guy took a longtime to call as he was looking at his hand in disgust then he decided to call showing 100% weakness the turn brings a I shove automatically and he quick called and shows . I couldn't believe that he would even call the flop let alone the turn when he has no pair no draw and has no idea how I play or how I am playing. The river didn't help and I was knocked out soon after, they went down to two tables and I left in disgust about that call I felt that he was folding 100% and with me showing strgenth the entire hand he still called with absolutly nothing just unbelieveable.

    Jason Trip

    After arrving to Foster city Jason and I went to Bay 101 In San Jose. Lucky enough the WPT Shooting Stars tournament was going on and it was a blast to watch the pro's play. I recognized 5 pro's there, which was cool enough to go and checkout. After eating dinner we were off to playing at Garden City which turned out to be a 3/6 session. Which was more fun then serious, we both enjoyed ourselves and came out ahead. The next night after Outback we headed to a guy's house who has a blog on the site and he holds a weekly 55$ dollar buy in tournament. His game holds about 16 people a nice setup in his garage and with good enough play this equaled a fun time. I did well in the beginning by winning a couple of small pots then in the small blind I pick up and I called the big blind with 3 people in the pot. The flop came out I check raised the big blind and after delibration he called. The hits the turn and the action goes check check. With the river bringing a I bet out and was called by trip queens trying to make a move on the best player at the table didn't work but it would of if he wiffed the flop. Which there was a good chance that was possible but not that time it happens I guess. Later in the tournament, I pick up on the button somebody in early position raises more then 3 times the big blind.

    I re raised he pushed all in and after delibration I called he had Kings. I lost most of my stack, after thinking about the hand I feel like it was the wrong call but what are you going to do it is jacks. After being crippled and most likely soon to get out I picked up a few quality hands and with this situation at hand going all in is your only move I wasn't called 3 times with doing the all in move. Finally soon after the 1st break I am on the button and pick up I went all in after 1 person limped with the blinds at 600/1200 they are worth taking at this point. The person who limped ended up calling my 10k all in with and if he loses this pot he is in way worse shape then I am in at the moment. He ended up flushing me out on the river and I was knocked out I didn't like his call but you have to look at as if people are going to make calls like that and you don't get unlucky then you should do well in tournaments like that. Overall I enjoyed my time there and thank you to Tony for putting on the tournament.

    Santa Cruz

    The next night being a friday we were in Santa Cruz to help with Jason's girlfriend to move out of her place. After dinner, the two of us and Galen went to the Oceanview Cardroom which was in downtown Santa Cruz. To describe this place was interesting walking in for the 1st time It's kinda like walking through a strip mall and going into a store that is how big it was. There was 4 tables with dealers no food but had drinks like soda and beer. The location in that part of downtown was not very inviting to make it a habit to play there. With Jason telling me there has been stabbings right around the cardroom once I saw where it was at I can 100% believe that statement. After waiting for just about an hour for a table which was cutting into time to spend with my aunt and uncle that live in nearby Aptos. Jason finally got on then I got on the other table soon after. Where the action was pretty fast and furious the game was 3/100 spread limit which the action was great but when your getting bad cards it is unforuniate to watch big pot after big pot and getting delt shitty hands. I ended up getting and flopping top 2 pair and firing out a bet on the flop and wasn't called. The very next hand I tried to make a move with which didnt end up working out to well after getting re raised on my raise post flop. After that hand I just folded until Jason wanted to headout and so we did with only being able to play for about 45 minutes and down 50 bucks which kinda sucked but I was ready to leave with not being a fan of the place, but I can see why you would want to play their because the action is great but the location just sucks ass though.

    Food for Thought

    Overall the trip was a blast and I really enjoyed myself the whole time wish I could of played more holdem but it was a crazy weekend for Jason's schedule. Which is understandable, regardless I have more confidence that I am becoming a better limit player and have been wanting to play more limit then no limit lately. With a small bankroll that is not even worth mentioning I am looking for those couple of good sessions to get to the point to have a least 5 buyins at 3/6 to make it worth putting in the time. After finding out my new living situation as of May 1st, I will have more of an opportunity to pursue more play until then may all your pots be monster and stay tuned for more posts coming soon.

    I wanted to give out special thank you's to my cousin Kristen for giving me a ride from the family pinic back to Jason's. Also, thank you to my cousin Jordan for coming out to Palo Alto to visit my druken self upon which that night was a blast and I am glad he was there with his girlfriend.

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  2. 2009-02-25 01:39:55



    Hello everyone glad to be back on here telling you about my adventures in hold em. I am here to tell you about my unlucky hands that has dictated this post.

    Palm Springs/Trip Description

    The trip was consisted of golf,poker, sun, and spend time with grandparents that I hardly get to see. Golf didn't go well the 1st day but I put it together a lot better the 2nd day overall, I had a great time my two scores were a bad 93 then an 82 I was pretty happy overall because I haven't played much since October during my trip to the Bay Area.

    The Poker

    Ok, do you guys remember in last year's post about that computer hold em that I played at Fantasy Springs? if not go and check it out it is one of my favorite posts. This year I wanted to go and crush that game again, but they eliminated it. I was told it was losing money and no poker base (that is a bad combo) was the reasons. I am not supraised at all that is what you get by putting a douche bag machine in. I heard that Agua Caliente had a very good poker room so I ended up driving the 10 miles to get there and they weren't kidding 11 tables and games ranging from 2/5 NL to 3/6 kill.

    3/6 Kill

    I figured since I have been handing the table there asses lately at 3/6. With my stragedy that has been working, I figure I would sit at 3/6 and do well, after the first night results that was true. I turned the open ender with then flopping 2 pair with in the big blind I left with 125 up and a good session overall. The next night I played the same game at the same casino, I showed down two hands early and won. I was up 90 bucks early when a big hand happened I pick up and raise 6 people call. The flop comes out somebody bets out I raised and everybody called. The turn came out a two people check's, that gives me the ok to bet with confidence and did so. Three people called the river came out a which I thought it was the best card in the deck. I am thinking how can I lose this hand nobody has taken charge in the hand by raising me, I look like the aggressive player by betting like I have it the whole way. I was raised on the river and I called of course cause the pot was big for 3/6. This idiot had POCKET TWO'S wtf I couldn't believe it, I don't get why dumb ass people play hands like that and expect to win. I don't get the thinking of dumb players, maybe one day I will understand to be really bad at poker and get lucky!!!.

    A bit later in the session I have in a kill pot which is only a half kill with the limits going to 4/8. I just call and we are 4 handed going to the flop. The flop came out I bet 4 and two people called. A hits the turn that gives me the nut flush draw to go with my top pair. I bet out the 8 and was raised by the same guy in the hand I discussed before. I called the river came a giving me a good enough showdown hand. I bet 8 and was raised again I quickly called this idiot ended up having just making me really mad. I didn't describe earlier that this guy doesn't even know what a big blind is, or how to bet or he never knows when the bet is to him. He just calls to see what happens it was a shit show!!! if you ask me and got me steaming, I got up and Brian had the pleasure of hearing me being really mad over a phone conversation then after I calmed down my night ended down 80 bucks.

    Food for thought

    After three sessions of limit and playing last Thursday at La center which ended badly I am down to 275 in my bankroll and just reeling. But, coming up in less then three weeks is the Bay Area trip, with Jason and company which will be a ton of 1/2 NL. I will be back with a post before my trip until then, play well and may all of your pots be monster.

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  3. 2009-02-07 02:30:06

    I still got it

    Saving bets

    I noticed something during my Canyonville session last Thursday playing 3/6. I lost a hand but saved at least 30 bucks compared to someone else at the table. While I was doing very well during my session, I picked up I made it 6 to go and 4 people called. The flop showed an ace which is pretty much death to your hand. What I did that just comes natural, I raised the flop and to hope to see a free river card to find out who has the ace then how many callers I would get, just as I anticipated everyone called. A king didn't hit the turn and the action was checked around, the river missed as well I only ended up losing 12 dollars. Later in the session some guy at the table that was not very skilled was on a hot streak and was up 200+. He had the same hand and the exact same scenario he ended up not raising preflop by not paying attention and not putting out the full 6, even though he said "raise" the casino called him on a string raise (hahaha dumb ass) he raised on the flop and called raises on the turn and river with 3 other people in the hand. Of course he lost and costed himself at least 25 dollars more by not figuring out how to play kings with an ace on a board in a muti way pot I just thought this was funny to point out.

    Why I would mention this

    If you want to be a good low limit player saving big bets is half the battle. For example, knowing when it is obvious from your foes that your 2nd pair is no good after the turn card comes. Also, chasing those gut shots is pretty much a waste of your time if you ask me.

    My Limit Hold em Stragedy

    Here are a couple of points I would like to mention so you can become good 3/6 hold em player: Hands that can get you in trouble are, , , etc. (If they are suited don't get sucked in to much unless you hit a monster flop) The reason why you ask? when you connect the flop your pair won't stand up in showdown, because your kicker is not good enough. Also, when you flop a pair and a straight draw it makes you lose to many big bets in the long run. I think they just get you in to much trouble post flop. Playing small pairs should be a limp or if you limped and someone raised then it is fine to try and spike your set otherwise they are useless for the most part. If you can show patience and play the drawing hands when it is mathematically correct and don't get sucked out on with your premium hands then over time you can be a successful low limit hold em player. Last but not least make sure when your playing hands like , , that it should be your position that would dictate when and how aggressive you play these hands. If somebody has already raised the pot, these kind of hands can really be the deciding factor for most of your sessions if your not careful.

    Canyonville Session

    Honestly there wasn't a defining hand to thoroughly discuss. I flopped top pair with and ended up winning a nice pot with 3 way action. I also won with then kinda just sat around I ended up winning 63 bucks and cashed out mostly because my buddy that I went with Brian he busted earlier and I didn't want to keep him waiting. I went to the Roulette table and after playing for 45min or so I won 50 bucks and only lost 4 color bets!!!! in that time span.


    Before I get into "Food for Thought" I wanted to mention this chump that freaked out on the dealer right before I sat down. As I was observing the table sitting with Brian there was a hand that ended up being like a 60 dollar pot or so. This guy was down to his last 5 dollars and is in a hand with this guy that bets the river. The dealer tells the guy "You can go all in for 5 or fold here" he ended up calling and wins the hand, so the other guy that loses he completely lost his cool by accusing the dealer of helping him go all in. The other players at the table was saying to him that "it didn't matter" but this guy was saying that it does matter cause he could of folded and the dealer was helping him. On the next hand he asks the dealer why she would say that and the floor was called on him and he said lol "That as a player I have a right to ask and also dropping 200 dollars I should be able to ask her this" I personally think he was completely in the wrong!!! and was not intelligent at the same time as we all know in the all in situation that even if you have bottom pair he was getting 13to1 on his money to put his last 5 bucks in you would have to be the dumbest person alive to fold there but I know everybody on the site knows that.

    Food for thought

    Well here I am with 600 in the bankroll back from the dead. Palm Springs is Thursday so once I leave I won't be on the site until at least Monday or Tuesday of the next week. Most likely I am looking at 3 nights of successful hold em playing 1/2 NL. The stragedy that I will be looking to execute is win small pots, play patient, and wait in the weeds for my big pot and hope not to get unlucky. I look at this trip either bust the 400 that I plan on bringing, or get to the amount that I could possibely go on another bankroll run. Stay tuned for another installment of a bankroll odyssey until then, May all your pots be monster.

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  4. 2009-01-29 08:29:34

    My last couple of Months

    What's going on in real life

    Hey strangers I am back on here again to give you a quick summary of recent events in my life since my bankroll collapse in November (checkout the last couple of posts for reference). I was stressing out if I was going to change my life with my job by moving to the Dallas area but the news that I finally found out didn't sound to promising so that is on hold. I just bought a car that I am very happy about (for those who know me this is a big deal for me to get rid of my car).

    My poker playing Lately

    Or not much playing going on but on my trip to Southern Oregon during my last days off. I did end up going to the casino played some 3/6 at Canyonville off I5 on your way to Grants Pass. I was impressed with the poker room for a place in the middle of nowhere the tables were nice and a chill setting. I ended making a very nice score with it was a 6 way pot with a raise preflop. I ended up flopping bottom pair and the nut flush draw the betting was raised twice and all 6 people were still in to the turn. The turn was a but the funny thing was even hitting the best card possible I didn't end up raising the turn cause I wanted to disguise my hand to the river. It worked I raised the river and 4 people called and I won a MEGA POT!!! (for that game at least) I cashed out up 105.


    With dealing buying a car and finding out what repairs I need to do then try to sell my shit box car you have alot on your mind. But I wanted to take a break from that and I was off from my graveyard job for the evening so I decided to take a trip and play at La Center which they don't have limit anymore and it is spread limit of 2/8 ( I like this better) I was off to a bad start but made up for it with by rivering a full house after flopping 2 pair. Then using my Ax theory for limit proved true once again by turning the nut flush with with the turn giving my foe a set so that was very nice to win at the end of the session I cashed out up 60.

    Food for Thought

    So in the last 2 sessions I have won 165 and happy about playing holdem again after my 2 month break. With a 250 bankroll that I had left over after my 400 dollar initial investment from my online bankroll. Now my real bankroll is at just over 400 and with Palm Springs trip coming up this can be another potential long bankroll run again (If all goes well) we will have to see how everything turns out as usual you guys on the site will be the 1st to findout stay tuned and may all your pots be monster!!!

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  5. 2008-11-14 22:52:26

    Online Bankroll- Waving the white flag

    If you think you have had it bad Check this out!!!

    Hey whats up everybody is play good for you? Well to sum it up instead of going to bed at 4am (by not being tired) I proceeded to lose 99% of my bankroll. Now I am below 100 dollars and thinking about just getting back to just over even and then not playing anymore online and think about where to go from here. Right now I don't know if my psyche is there to maintain a live bankroll so I am most likely going to do is go to La center play 3/6 win a couple hundred at a time then just use it towards expenses for the month and admit defeat in hold em.

    I know that multiple times I was told don't play outside of your bankroll and I paid the ultimate lesson. I know your going to read this and say how does that happen? it just does, I really can't explain it so this might be the last post I will give in a bit. I will always really love to play this game but I just won to much money to fast and paid for it and it is a lesson learned so now the money that is left is for to be even whenever that happens until next time don't do what I did and may all your pots be monster.

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  6. 2008-11-11 09:11:28

    Online Bankroll Part 7- So Far So Good

    Summary of the Weekend

    Whats up everybody how is your play going? from this past weekend of play, I started my Thursday off with a very nice win. That put me into the 2,200 range, then on Saturday night I lost 2 key coin flips to put me back down to just over 2k. I was still up just over 200 for the weekend and with today's 90 dollar win I am officially at 2,128 and looking to keep building.

    Secret to my Success

    I will start talking about what I am doing piece by piece, each of my posts will have a brief section every week of my way of playing until I have discussed as much as I want to take it. I hope you enjoy and at least understand some of what I have to say.

    This week I will be talking about:

    1. Playing 6 Handed instead of 10 handed

    Why I think short handed is better then a full table game:

    1. Easier to pull off a bluff
    2. Hands go by faster (If your somebody like me that likes fast play then this is better for you)
    3. Easier to single out a certain player cause he will be playing more hands in the longrun

    This is all important to know why you ask? it is a combination of seeing more hands, understanding your players better, and the confidence that you can fire 2-3 shells in a pot with nothing and have a better percentage to win.

    Next week's post

    Tune in next week, where I will give you my latest update on the roll. Also, go into secret to my success part 2 where I will be talking about certain hands and what flops are bad for you and good when playing 6 handed. I think you will find it interesting on what I have to say until then may all your pots be monster.

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  7. 2008-11-05 04:19:40

    Online Bankroll Part 6 - What a Weekend

    Whats up everybody? I am back again to give an update on my latest play. When I left off on my last post and my 230 dollar win I was at 1,175.

    I started playing the next day at 1/2 NL I was up 150 bucks just by playing solid poker and not putting my stack at risk. Until I hit the mother load of pots I picked up in the SB. The person under the gun raises to 7 somebody else raises to 22 the next person re raises to 65 I re raised all in for 350 bucks. The person under the gun calls and the others folded. I am thinking I am up against aces turns out I am up against . So I am pumped because the pot was 700 and I had a 4-1 advantage. The flop brought a queen and my heart sank to the floor seeing that. Then like seeing light at the end of the tunnel a magical king hits the turn the river is a blank and I won a MEGA POT!!!!.

    To cap off the weekend I played a 3 table session of 25/50 and ended up winning another 200 bucks. Now my total after losing 58 of my 68 in rakeback from October on Sunday is now 1,804 and surging to a bigger number and hopefully keeps growing. Stay tuned with my newest post I will be changing on how it will be written. Until next time may all your pots be monster.

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