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  1. 2010-04-27 06:17:50

    Well well well.....

    I can't believe this is still up...

    Hmmm now, how do you blog again?
    oh yeah type whats in your head and click submit.

    Well i havent played nearly enough poker since i left you guys, but its not cause i like poker any less.
    Its that people in Bama just dont know how to play poker.

    I mean I went from a game where position, gear changing, and laying down the best hand were common parts of the game. And transfered to silliness.
    People who think position refers to what you played on the High school football team 4 decades ago.
    and Gear changing is just a saturday spent workin on the pickup truck.

    But i just recently moved to Boston, and i have found 2 games so far im gunna get into.
    A few weeks before i left bama i found a 300 dollar buyin game.
    split it for 1200.
    but decided not to go back since the blinds were a mess.
    3 people left blinds 20/40k and we were all even at 90k chips each.....
    half your stack for the big blind...

    I miss this group...
    Well :)~ most of it.

    Goodluck people, and i hope to have a game to talk about sooner or later.


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  2. 2008-10-31 02:11:44

    Back in the fray!.

    Welp i played again this week at my uncle's game. 11 people i came in fourth.
    Basicly just sat around for an hour. Think i played about 3 hands.
    Then after the break 3 people went out, and i began to get involved a bit more.

    Did extremly well untill the blinds got to 3000/5000. i had 20,000 in chips.
    Which oddly enough was second in chipstacks.

    My uncle had 14k, and 2 other people were below 10k. One man had about 50k.
    Blinds were intense. silly, but thats how they like it.
    2 guys got all in and when they flipped up their cards one guy had 55, and the other had j8 of clubs.
    Well before they dealt the flop a couple of people said what they had, and i said "well my hand didnt help his." Referring to the man with J8, i had folded 2 clubs.
    This somehow upset the hell out of him. He started talking shit about how its against the rules to talk about hands during the hand........ i was in awe of the stupidity.
    The action was done and i was the last one at the table to mention anything, and i didn't even say what i had lol.
    I told him it was what it was. which pissed him off a little bit more.
    Next hand i had AQ. He pushed me all in. Had no doubt i had the better hand, but we were to close to the money.
    Laid it down on the flop after he called my 5k raise.
    left me with 10k.
    Ended up busting out with K10 with 4 people left.
    Thinking back i probably should have pushed all in with the AQ pre-flop. But i figured he would re-raise me if i didn't.
    No complaints here.

    Goodluck in vegas Jason.
    Wish i could go :).


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  3. 2008-10-27 09:16:05

    Lack of play.

    Well as you can imagine there isn't much poker action down here.
    Ive played one time since my last entry, sad isn't it?
    Did a single buy in, no rebuy no addon nor double.
    Normally i would have definatly took the double add-on, but ive been out of the game so long it's taken a back seat to everything else. So when i got a call 10 minutes before addon time for an invitation to hang out with a friend i decided to bomb out of the tourney.

    The sad thing about poker is when your desperatly needing to get lucky to stay in a tourney your most likely going to bust out with poket Kings to some idiot with a couple of 3's.
    But when your trying to bust out so you can leave you start winning. The 10 minutes following my decision to bust out I was dealt AA, KK, KK, and QQ...... we went from 11 people to 6 people before i finially lost. me taking out 4 of them.
    Got in with J8 of clubs against poker Q's. Hell i was half way out the door when the lady called.
    2 clubs on the flop.
    i left during the hand lol.... my uncle called me to let me know her QQ held up.

    Well i wish i could have an interesting poker story but hell i just havent been playing.

    hope all of you are winning.


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  4. 2008-07-24 00:49:46

    Back in Bama.....

    Well i havent had my computer hooked up since ive been back.... and i havent missed it to much.

    Not to say ive been computerless, but i only come to pokersoup from my computer... new tos? this is getting heavy :) its almost like they threw some money into it lol.
    Well Ive been playing a lil bit over at my uncles.

    He has tourneys every thursday, cash games every saturday. I won the first 2 times i went, lost this last time.... its horrible.

    This is a game where skill means nothing, decisions mean nothing. Nothing means anything.

    Whoever can wait the longest to pick up a big hand wins. and if it never comes then you lose.

    I am just going to tell you a small story. very small.

    So, im on the small blind with a J3 offsuit. 1 caller mid position, he has a K5 offsuit.....
    im not telling you this from a hindsight point of view... i actually could see his cards!
    When he lifted them off the table they were exposed... but noone saw them but me.
    It gets to me and i glance over at the big blind to see if i can steal this pot....
    AND BAM. This idiot exposes his hand to me too!!!! He has a QJ offsuit.
    I move all in immediatly.... assuming i just got 4k in chips for free....
    Wrong.... QJ calls. Not because he knew i had a J3, because i assure you... he nor anyone else saw my cards.
    But because he has 2 face cards and at this game ANY 2 cards can win.
    I rebought and had my KK cracked by a 10 5 and i just left.

    If you wanna see something funny come on down to bama and wait till you see 3 people limp into a pot and an ace come on the flop.
    You will see 3 people all in and the winner will generally win with a pair of aces "7 kicker plays"


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  5. 2008-05-14 16:56:10

    Peaked to early

    I played in a low limit cash game last night, a version of horse.
    Holdem, Omaha hi/lo, and stud. 2/2/1.
    Its a 3 hour session from 7-10 and we all go home.
    Well everyone wanted to keep playing, i think i got out at about 11:20ish, no clue how late they played.
    I maintained chip lead the entire night, was up to 85$ from a 10$ buy in by 9:45.

    In 30 minutes that followed i played approximently 7 hands.
    I lost all 7. In each hand I put the person all in on the turn, and had him between a 10%-20% draw.
    by 10:15 I had 15 bucks left.

    I think my Most memeroable hand, even though i remember every single one of them lol.
    was this :

    I have 33.
    Limp in to the flop.
    Flop comes J36.
    I bet out 1.50. Get raised by Brent to 3.
    I slow play call.
    Turn comes J. Bingo.
    I bet, he raises, i re-raise all-in, he calls.
    He has KJ for trip J's with a K kicker.
    I have a boat 3's Full of J's.
    River was a K.

    2 or 3 hands later he gets sucked out on the same exsact way except it all happend on the flop.
    This kid that beat him put his money in with trips needing a K for the boat. But he had 2 cards to go instead of 1.
    So its a suckout, but he had 2x the chances to win as Brent did the hand b4.
    so as he is bellyaching about getting sucked out on, i say "You lost those chips the same way you got them."
    Which apparently stuck a nerver :). Because he disagreed.
    He said and i quote "All you had was 3's full of jacks, I had trip jacks. You were barely ahead."
    The table all giggled. lol.
    So for anyone new, just know, a Flopped boat barely beats turned trips.


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  6. 2008-05-12 15:42:06

    Long time no play.

    I have played maybe twice in the last month or so.
    Nothing big.
    Just kinda coasting in cruise control. Haven't had much motivation to play here of late.

    Hope everyone is winning :).


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  7. 2008-03-03 18:38:09

    1 for 1~ cad poker

    So i went back to Cad. Poker for the first time since i won it.
    Didn't go so good.
    Lost a double buy-in, rebuy, and addon.
    I had a fairly easy table. Tight players on one side, calling stations on the other.
    My majior downfall was i kept pushing on coinflips because i assumed they would fold.
    Unfortunatly for me everyone at the table enjoys to flips coins.
    I dont mind loseing a coin flip if im the one who bet it.
    The only really notable hand of the 3 hours that I played was against our silver haired friend Dave.

    I am on the Big blind with, for the sake of this conversation, an undisclosed hand. Lets just call it an 8 2 offsuit.
    There are a couple of limpers, I check to the flop.
    The flop comes Q J 7. Now i know i have nothing here. But this is exsacly the kinda flop i wanna steal.
    There is approximently 800 in the pot. I bet 600. Hoping to represent a weak Q.
    Everyone folds except ol Dave. Now I know he has a J, Hell he prolly knows i know he has a J.
    The turn comes up a 7. BINGO QJ77. Even if he didnt gimme credit for the Q he has to concede to the idea that the big blind has a 7 right?
    the pot is now 2000. I bet 1500. Dave calls.
    all he has is a pair of J's?!
    River card is so perfect i couldnt have planned it better myself. Q!
    Now the board is QJ77Q.
    And i got ol Dave pegged for a J10.
    I bet 2500 into a 5000 dollar pot. A bet that says "please pay me off" keep in mind the blinds are 100/200 and we started with 10k like 20 minutes before this hand.
    After a couple minutes to think. Dave calls me...... with a Jack.
    if i have 7 2 there he ends up with about 5k chips left over.
    Mother fucker, Nice call Mr. Dave and i hope your wife finds out you werent at costco.


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