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  1. 2008-05-14 16:56:10

    Peaked to early

    I played in a low limit cash game last night, a version of horse.
    Holdem, Omaha hi/lo, and stud. 2/2/1.
    Its a 3 hour session from 7-10 and we all go home.
    Well everyone wanted to keep playing, i think i got out at about 11:20ish, no clue how late they played.
    I maintained chip lead the entire night, was up to 85$ from a 10$ buy in by 9:45.

    In 30 minutes that followed i played approximently 7 hands.
    I lost all 7. In each hand I put the person all in on the turn, and had him between a 10%-20% draw.
    by 10:15 I had 15 bucks left.

    I think my Most memeroable hand, even though i remember every single one of them lol.
    was this :

    I have 33.
    Limp in to the flop.
    Flop comes J36.
    I bet out 1.50. Get raised by Brent to 3.
    I slow play call.
    Turn comes J. Bingo.
    I bet, he raises, i re-raise all-in, he calls.
    He has KJ for trip J's with a K kicker.
    I have a boat 3's Full of J's.
    River was a K.

    2 or 3 hands later he gets sucked out on the same exsact way except it all happend on the flop.
    This kid that beat him put his money in with trips needing a K for the boat. But he had 2 cards to go instead of 1.
    So its a suckout, but he had 2x the chances to win as Brent did the hand b4.
    so as he is bellyaching about getting sucked out on, i say "You lost those chips the same way you got them."
    Which apparently stuck a nerver :). Because he disagreed.
    He said and i quote "All you had was 3's full of jacks, I had trip jacks. You were barely ahead."
    The table all giggled. lol.
    So for anyone new, just know, a Flopped boat barely beats turned trips.


    Posted by Brian at 2008-05-14 16:56:10

Comments on “Peaked to early”

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    • Yeah, good point there, K. That's why I always have my full houses big over small ;) I just fold if it's not aces full, really... Ok, not really. One out of 16 times that will actually matter - kinda weird.

    • anonymous
    • That is a nice mixed game.

      The three 6's are also outs (unless it is Omaha).
      So he has 7 outs = 14%
      Still a very bad suck out.

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    • And that didn't even work? Maybe you need an example... If I put 11 black marbles and 1 white marble in a bag, the chance of your full house coming to beat the other full house is like drawing that white marble... 11 out of 12 dentists agree those are not good odds!

    • anonymous
    • 3 K's 1 J=4 outs=8%
      I gave it to him like a math equation afterwords lol.

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    • It's common knowledge a full house is just a little ahead of trips. Come on!

      That's some rough stuff, dude. Sounds like a good game to be in, though.