Just because I'm not right doesn't mean you're not wrong

  1. 2010-04-27 06:17:50

    Well well well.....

    I can't believe this is still up...

    Hmmm now, how do you blog again?
    oh yeah type whats in your head and click submit.

    Well i havent played nearly enough poker since i left you guys, but its not cause i like poker any less.
    Its that people in Bama just dont know how to play poker.

    I mean I went from a game where position, gear changing, and laying down the best hand were common parts of the game. And transfered to silliness.
    People who think position refers to what you played on the High school football team 4 decades ago.
    and Gear changing is just a saturday spent workin on the pickup truck.

    But i just recently moved to Boston, and i have found 2 games so far im gunna get into.
    A few weeks before i left bama i found a 300 dollar buyin game.
    split it for 1200.
    but decided not to go back since the blinds were a mess.
    3 people left blinds 20/40k and we were all even at 90k chips each.....
    half your stack for the big blind...

    I miss this group...
    Well :)~ most of it.

    Goodluck people, and i hope to have a game to talk about sooner or later.


    Posted by Brian at 2010-04-27 06:17:50

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    • Wow, Bama to Boston - not bad. Congrats on the luck-fest split :) I'm sure you skillfully maneuvered up to that point at least. I haven't been playing much at all, but I'll give some money back to the WSOP again this year. Keep us updated on your games so we can vicariously live through your stories! Later, dude.