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  1. 2008-10-27 09:16:05

    Lack of play.

    Well as you can imagine there isn't much poker action down here.
    Ive played one time since my last entry, sad isn't it?
    Did a single buy in, no rebuy no addon nor double.
    Normally i would have definatly took the double add-on, but ive been out of the game so long it's taken a back seat to everything else. So when i got a call 10 minutes before addon time for an invitation to hang out with a friend i decided to bomb out of the tourney.

    The sad thing about poker is when your desperatly needing to get lucky to stay in a tourney your most likely going to bust out with poket Kings to some idiot with a couple of 3's.
    But when your trying to bust out so you can leave you start winning. The 10 minutes following my decision to bust out I was dealt AA, KK, KK, and QQ...... we went from 11 people to 6 people before i finially lost. me taking out 4 of them.
    Got in with J8 of clubs against poker Q's. Hell i was half way out the door when the lady called.
    2 clubs on the flop.
    i left during the hand lol.... my uncle called me to let me know her QQ held up.

    Well i wish i could have an interesting poker story but hell i just havent been playing.

    hope all of you are winning.


    Posted by Brian at 2008-10-27 09:16:05

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    • Hey dude, nice to hear from ya, even if it's not the best poker news :) I was just looking through old blog posts a few days ago and wondered how you were doing. What's going on down there aside from poker? I hope it's going well. There's not a whole lot going on up here for me. Haven't been playing as much as I'd like either - too much work. I do have a trip to Vegas scheduled for 11/11-17 to play in the Venetian Deep Stacks. Hopefully I'll do well enough to make some blog posts...

      That's pretty amazing to get all those hands in 10 minutes. Too bad you couldn't make it last another 10 minutes and finish in the money LOL.