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  1. 2008-03-03 18:38:09

    1 for 1~ cad poker

    So i went back to Cad. Poker for the first time since i won it.
    Didn't go so good.
    Lost a double buy-in, rebuy, and addon.
    I had a fairly easy table. Tight players on one side, calling stations on the other.
    My majior downfall was i kept pushing on coinflips because i assumed they would fold.
    Unfortunatly for me everyone at the table enjoys to flips coins.
    I dont mind loseing a coin flip if im the one who bet it.
    The only really notable hand of the 3 hours that I played was against our silver haired friend Dave.

    I am on the Big blind with, for the sake of this conversation, an undisclosed hand. Lets just call it an 8 2 offsuit.
    There are a couple of limpers, I check to the flop.
    The flop comes Q J 7. Now i know i have nothing here. But this is exsacly the kinda flop i wanna steal.
    There is approximently 800 in the pot. I bet 600. Hoping to represent a weak Q.
    Everyone folds except ol Dave. Now I know he has a J, Hell he prolly knows i know he has a J.
    The turn comes up a 7. BINGO QJ77. Even if he didnt gimme credit for the Q he has to concede to the idea that the big blind has a 7 right?
    the pot is now 2000. I bet 1500. Dave calls.
    all he has is a pair of J's?!
    River card is so perfect i couldnt have planned it better myself. Q!
    Now the board is QJ77Q.
    And i got ol Dave pegged for a J10.
    I bet 2500 into a 5000 dollar pot. A bet that says "please pay me off" keep in mind the blinds are 100/200 and we started with 10k like 20 minutes before this hand.
    After a couple minutes to think. Dave calls me...... with a Jack.
    if i have 7 2 there he ends up with about 5k chips left over.
    Mother fucker, Nice call Mr. Dave and i hope your wife finds out you werent at costco.


    Posted by Brian at 2008-03-03 18:38:09

Comments on “1 for 1~ cad poker”

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    • I flipped a coin in my head and called.

      Love it, Dave :)

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    • i just never thought you had any of it, I wasn't confident enough to go over the top but as long as you made it affordable I had to call. The 7 on the turn was scary, I flipped a coin in my head and called. The second queen on the river lowered your odds of having one, you go all in I go away, I don't put you on making a value bet. I think that was kinda donkey, but oh well we both made some bad mistakes that night.

    • anonymous
    • Been there done that man bluffing with nothing. Then putting him on a hand that u just know he is going to fold. But he doesn't it is like getting punched in the stomach tough break.

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    • I've seen a hand similar to that on Poker After Dark where Jamie Gold decides to bet a busted flush draw when the board gets it's second pair (on top). Chris Ferguson, who had the bottom half of the full house, decided to flip a coin to make the call or not. He called and won :p

      Sometimes I make "great calls" when I just call down my opponent because I either can't (or more likely don't want to) believe they have what they are representing.

    • anonymous
    • I've seen Dave fold hands like this one (or better), at least against me. I guess it depends on who he's playing against. You know that a lot of times you can use it to your advantage because you could've had any of what you tried to represent since you were the bb. We missed Dave at Alexis's. Sadly, he didn't get far in this tourney either.