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  1. 2008-10-31 02:11:44

    Back in the fray!.

    Welp i played again this week at my uncle's game. 11 people i came in fourth.
    Basicly just sat around for an hour. Think i played about 3 hands.
    Then after the break 3 people went out, and i began to get involved a bit more.

    Did extremly well untill the blinds got to 3000/5000. i had 20,000 in chips.
    Which oddly enough was second in chipstacks.

    My uncle had 14k, and 2 other people were below 10k. One man had about 50k.
    Blinds were intense. silly, but thats how they like it.
    2 guys got all in and when they flipped up their cards one guy had 55, and the other had j8 of clubs.
    Well before they dealt the flop a couple of people said what they had, and i said "well my hand didnt help his." Referring to the man with J8, i had folded 2 clubs.
    This somehow upset the hell out of him. He started talking shit about how its against the rules to talk about hands during the hand........ i was in awe of the stupidity.
    The action was done and i was the last one at the table to mention anything, and i didn't even say what i had lol.
    I told him it was what it was. which pissed him off a little bit more.
    Next hand i had AQ. He pushed me all in. Had no doubt i had the better hand, but we were to close to the money.
    Laid it down on the flop after he called my 5k raise.
    left me with 10k.
    Ended up busting out with K10 with 4 people left.
    Thinking back i probably should have pushed all in with the AQ pre-flop. But i figured he would re-raise me if i didn't.
    No complaints here.

    Goodluck in vegas Jason.
    Wish i could go :).


    Posted by Brian at 2008-10-31 02:11:44

Comments on “Back in the fray!.”

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    • Twice in less than a week, huh? Sounds like you are back :D "No talking about the hand while it's going on." Wow. That's almost as bad as people who think "Show one, show all" refers to showing both of the cards in your hand if you show one. Crazy. I guess those are the people who consistently give their money up, so it's good. Tough fold with the AQ, but good payout awareness.

      Thanks for the Vegas well-wishes. I have my fingers crossed - a little luck would not hurt. Hopefully you can make your way there some time soon!

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    • Hey you will get it back again nice to here that your playing again I wish the best of luck to you. Hope you have read some of my posts keep posting and playing looking forward to hearing about it.