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  1. 2008-07-24 00:49:46

    Back in Bama.....

    Well i havent had my computer hooked up since ive been back.... and i havent missed it to much.

    Not to say ive been computerless, but i only come to pokersoup from my computer... new tos? this is getting heavy :) its almost like they threw some money into it lol.
    Well Ive been playing a lil bit over at my uncles.

    He has tourneys every thursday, cash games every saturday. I won the first 2 times i went, lost this last time.... its horrible.

    This is a game where skill means nothing, decisions mean nothing. Nothing means anything.

    Whoever can wait the longest to pick up a big hand wins. and if it never comes then you lose.

    I am just going to tell you a small story. very small.

    So, im on the small blind with a J3 offsuit. 1 caller mid position, he has a K5 offsuit.....
    im not telling you this from a hindsight point of view... i actually could see his cards!
    When he lifted them off the table they were exposed... but noone saw them but me.
    It gets to me and i glance over at the big blind to see if i can steal this pot....
    AND BAM. This idiot exposes his hand to me too!!!! He has a QJ offsuit.
    I move all in immediatly.... assuming i just got 4k in chips for free....
    Wrong.... QJ calls. Not because he knew i had a J3, because i assure you... he nor anyone else saw my cards.
    But because he has 2 face cards and at this game ANY 2 cards can win.
    I rebought and had my KK cracked by a 10 5 and i just left.

    If you wanna see something funny come on down to bama and wait till you see 3 people limp into a pot and an ace come on the flop.
    You will see 3 people all in and the winner will generally win with a pair of aces "7 kicker plays"


    Posted by Brian at 2008-07-24 00:49:46

Comments on “Back in Bama.....”

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    • Brian, send me your address. I got that DVD re-encoded WITH sound.

    • anonymous
    • Brian. wat up dog. no wonder we haven't heard from you. I guess your living there now?

      Good luck playing with bad players - you will go broke.

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    • Graham, for real? I mean, playing in the Yukon is believable. But Diamond Tooth Gertie's?!

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    • Kind of reminds me of the time I played 5/10 limit hold 'em in the Yukon at a place called Diamond Tooth Gertie's. I shit you not. Maybe I should blog about that...

      Remind me never to play poker in this 'Bama' place you speak of. I hope there are other things to do for fun there.

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    • LOL good story. Glad to hear the TOS didn't trip you up - we were a bit worried about that.

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    • Hey Brian, glad to hear from ya again. You like the TOS? We're slowly working at looking more official :p We'll get there some day!

      Didn't you know that QJ is an insta-call from the big blind?! That sounds like a pretty terrible game to play in. Have you played in the cash game? That has to be nuts! Maybe they play Crazy Pineapple Hi/Lo Split?