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  1. 2009-05-08 13:04:58

    Still grinding

    Still playing Full ring holdem and 6 max PLO.
    Also improving my play by learning and discussing hands
    Not ready to move up yet....

    Situations I am not sure about:
    Effective stacks = 100BB
    Assume villains are regulars and your image is regular.

    Situation 1:
    Full ring - you are loose opening 10% of range from UTG.
    You open QQ. CO 3 bets you pot.
    What would you do?

    Situation 2:
    Full ring - you are loose opening 10% of range from UTG.
    MP opens pot
    You 3bet pot with QQ. he bets pot
    What would you do?

    Situation 3:
    You call EP raise with AsKh
    Flop comes Ts7s3s
    He bets pot?
    What would you do?

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  2. 2009-04-21 02:10:25

    Fullring play

    I am playing online full ring and logged lot of hands this year.
    The games plays so different compared to 6max.
    Ranges are much stronger.
    A raise on flop in ATLEAST a set or better.
    Everyone is waiting to get overpair or set and stack fish.
    What happens when these guys have to face good opposition or have to play deep stacked?

    But there are also some guys trying to exploit the nits.
    They will fire two barrels if you show weakness.
    Today I checked flop instead of cbetting and called off two barrels when the board was super dry.
    But you need to know who your opponent is.

    Overall I am getting good exposure to full ring play that will help me play live cash games or tourneys.

    Some plays at full ring sound strange but I am making them to lower variance and make my play easier especially while multi tabling.
    Open folding under the gun( who thinks I am a nit?)

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  3. 2009-04-18 15:59:05

    PLO is a sick game!

    I am playing PLO quite a bit these days.
    It is just a sick game!
    I used to play medium stack (50BB) and used to get in in light because you are never an underdog.
    But that was causing huge swings and I was not very sure if I am doing it correctly.
    Now I started playing 100BB. That allows me to add more plays to my playbook.
    When I do get the villains putting money in crushed I have more profits.

    Because I do not have a tracker, I am not sure if I am a winner in this game.
    But it sure is lot of fun.

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  4. 2009-04-12 19:22:45

    Busto - Reset - Repeat

    I had blogged last year about my online grind.
    I was doing okay but the slow grind is very painstaking.
    You make 8$/hr 4 tabling at 25NL, if you are disciplined.
    If you stack off in marginal situation it takes 1000 hands to grind it back.

    Anyways, I moved up to 50NL with my small bankroll, willing to go bust.
    I ran really bad and lost most of the roll in one session after I was on tilt.

    Now I have deposited on FullTilt.
    Yeah - that;s right!
    I am one the small fish feeding the high stakes regulars playing 500/1000.
    So far I am doing okay.
    I am trying to play low variance style and play volume.
    I think my game has become too loose and too aggressive that I need to play lot of hands and stop making marginal decisions.
    I stopped playing variance wars trying ultra aggressive style.
    If I had bigger bankroll I would not mind the aggro style.

    Live games : I am running HOT in live cash games. I am not not making many mistakes and when I did they were coolers (JJ on J22 flop. Opponent has ducks obviously)

    Other games:
    My PLO game has improved. But I can't play high enough stakes that would interest me because I do not have that much bankroll.
    I also learnt a new game - Stud8. I can play solid but call down light sometimes.

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  5. 2009-04-12 16:43:45

    LOL SCOOPaments

    Played SCOOP $22 PLO 1R1A recently.
    Had a nice 50BB stack going into the bubble.
    After the cash I got a crazy table.
    The flops started missing me. When I hit something opponents started raising me.
    My stack dwindled and I busted out 4xx/4500

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  6. 2008-09-14 00:13:23

    Trip Report : Garden City

    I went to Garden City to play their $225 tournament + $100 rebuy.
    But I decided to skip it and play cash games instead.
    I put my name down for Omaha Hi-Lo 6-12. While I was waiting for my turn I decided to play 3-100.
    I decided to play short stack strategy and bought in for 100.
    It was a new table. There was lot of action in first few hands.
    Some players were very tight and some were playing every hand.

    I folded several hands including KQ facing a raise. I think I even folded AQ when there was raise in early position and 2 callers. I was a little deep (45BB) to push allin. Calling is bad even if I had position.
    Fold seemed like good option because no one was folding their medium pair.

    First and last action hand:

    I was down to 75 or 80 and on teh button.
    The guy who was very active raised from UTG+1 to 20.
    This was a guy who went all in with TT and sucked out on KK. This was also the guy who was pushing peope around (or atleast he tried and went two buyins down). On one hand he bluffed 100 into pot of 60 on river with K high only to be called by A high.

    In spite of all his actions I put him on good-premium hands. 99+, AQ+
    The UTG+2 player called. I interpreted his action has low pocket pair some hand he really wants to see the flop. Everyone folded and I look down at .
    My first reaction was to call and see the flop.
    I knew I will face a bet on flop if I missed. With already 45 bucks in the pot I pushed all in.
    The big blind pushes allin (he has ~60) and shows .
    I asked him if he has aces and he says that he is drawing.
    I felt miserable because I thought he has AK and my outs have diminished.

    Obviously UTG+1 calls getting great odds.
    The dealer runs the board and I river a K.
    UTG+1 shows and says he did not scare me enough.
    SB mucked and says he had AQ.
    Some people just don't get it. Tight aggressive does not mean scared to fold AK.
    I pick up a pot of around 240.

    I played couple of hands. Its folded to me and I call with and the guy who lost with QQ made it 20 from BB. He was probably steaming.
    I folded. I would have called if he was full stacked.
    He showed 77 and said he wants his money back.

    I played couple more hands and left when my name got called for Omaha.

    Obviously Poker gods were not very happy about my Hit-N-Run so they took away all my profit in Omaha.
    I think I won only 2 half pots and bled away a lot of money.

    All in all it was a fun day and now I know what it is to play 3-100 game at GC.
    I also saw several members from the meetup group playing tournament.

    Cliff Notes:

    Preflop allin with AK beats QQ in 3-way pot.

    Omaha Hi-Lo game sucks away my profit.

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  7. 2008-06-25 08:04:42

    Back to value town..

    After going on tilt and spewing chips away in April I started grinding in the month of May.

    The first 3-4k hands were tough. I broke even and was trying to just play not to lose.
    Then things started turning around.
    I played the next 10k hands and here are the results.

    I am running at 4.2 ptbb/100 which is very decent even at these micro stakes.
    If I ignore the hands I was playing few days after the tilt I am running 6.8 ptbb/100.
    I am satisfied by these results but I plan to continue and fix some of the leaks.

    The rake is hurting my roll at these levels.
    I need to build on this bankroll and move to next level.

    July goals:
    Fix leaks.
    Move to NL50.
    Win decent amounts at PLO25
    Play few tournaments for fun (may be omaha)
    Play live few sessions for fun

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