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  1. 2008-06-25 08:04:42

    Back to value town..

    After going on tilt and spewing chips away in April I started grinding in the month of May.

    The first 3-4k hands were tough. I broke even and was trying to just play not to lose.
    Then things started turning around.
    I played the next 10k hands and here are the results.

    I am running at 4.2 ptbb/100 which is very decent even at these micro stakes.
    If I ignore the hands I was playing few days after the tilt I am running 6.8 ptbb/100.
    I am satisfied by these results but I plan to continue and fix some of the leaks.

    The rake is hurting my roll at these levels.
    I need to build on this bankroll and move to next level.

    July goals:
    Fix leaks.
    Move to NL50.
    Win decent amounts at PLO25
    Play few tournaments for fun (may be omaha)
    Play live few sessions for fun

    Posted by Krishna at 2008-06-25 08:04:42

Comments on “Back to value town..”

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    • Amount of big bets won per 100 hands. A big bet constitutes double the blind level you are playing at. Say you are averaging 5 ptbb/100 at 2-4 nl well then it would work out to 5*8 which equals 40 dollars for every hundred hands you play. YOu can play about 40-50 hands an hour per table online so you can figure out your hourly. Pokertracker does all this for you of course. And 4.2 is a very respectable winrate nice job! Thats why some of us like to play anywhere from 6-24 table cause your pt/bb might go down a bit but your hourly tends to go up.

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    • what is ptbb?

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    • Good to hear from ya again, Krishna. I've been hitting Lucky Chances here and there. Are you still super-busy or should I give you a call one of these times?

      Keep those PTBBs up and good luck pluggin' the leaks.