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  1. 2009-04-12 16:43:45

    LOL SCOOPaments

    Played SCOOP $22 PLO 1R1A recently.
    Had a nice 50BB stack going into the bubble.
    After the cash I got a crazy table.
    The flops started missing me. When I hit something opponents started raising me.
    My stack dwindled and I busted out 4xx/4500

    Posted by Krishna at 2009-04-12 16:43:45

Comments on “LOL SCOOPaments”

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    • Ahhhhhhhh. Seems like a good time. Some day I'll play massive online games... maybe :)

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    • Sorry - Spring Championship of Online Poker

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    • Why "SCOOP" then? I thought that referred to the whole "scoop the high and low". I'm a newb LOL. 40BB is pretty rough, especially for Omaha, I would think. I guess 80 is better... This had to be online (or the WSOP hah). 4 hours isn't bad, especially if you can final table. GL on the next one. One big cash like that would be a bankroll builder fa sho.

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    • No it was pot limit omaha hi only.
      The tourney was not deep enough.
      I think we started with 40BB stacks.
      If we rebuy immediately we would have 80BB stack.
      It took 4 hours to get to 10%. This tourney had 18% cash so a lot of min cashes.

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    • Hey dude, long time no blog. Nice to have you back. Is "SCOOP" 08 Hi/Lo? Never heard that before... That seems like a pretty slick tourney - how long to get into the top 10%?