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  1. 2009-04-12 19:22:45

    Busto - Reset - Repeat

    I had blogged last year about my online grind.
    I was doing okay but the slow grind is very painstaking.
    You make 8$/hr 4 tabling at 25NL, if you are disciplined.
    If you stack off in marginal situation it takes 1000 hands to grind it back.

    Anyways, I moved up to 50NL with my small bankroll, willing to go bust.
    I ran really bad and lost most of the roll in one session after I was on tilt.

    Now I have deposited on FullTilt.
    Yeah - that;s right!
    I am one the small fish feeding the high stakes regulars playing 500/1000.
    So far I am doing okay.
    I am trying to play low variance style and play volume.
    I think my game has become too loose and too aggressive that I need to play lot of hands and stop making marginal decisions.
    I stopped playing variance wars trying ultra aggressive style.
    If I had bigger bankroll I would not mind the aggro style.

    Live games : I am running HOT in live cash games. I am not not making many mistakes and when I did they were coolers (JJ on J22 flop. Opponent has ducks obviously)

    Other games:
    My PLO game has improved. But I can't play high enough stakes that would interest me because I do not have that much bankroll.
    I also learnt a new game - Stud8. I can play solid but call down light sometimes.

    Posted by Krishna at 2009-04-12 19:22:45

Comments on “Busto - Reset - Repeat”

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    • Fair enough, I didn't consider that. I suppose the variance could be pretty high there. For whatever reason I always thought PLO, although on the surface looks crazy, is a bit more stable (since drawing hands are practically made, you play tighter preflop than Hold'em, and when you have somebody dominated they are seriously dominated).

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    • yeah - its 20.
      Also playing PLO.
      It is just a crazy game!

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    • Did you typo there? It seems like a bonus taking you from 2 to 30 buyins is one sick bonus! LOL. Anyway, the 100-200 buyins seems to be a pretty insane requirement to play "high variable". I don't know enough yet, I guess.

      I'm pretty sure everybody loses their stack if they have 50BB there. Probably a lot more...

      GOOD LUCK!

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    • I am playing with short bankroll. 10-20 buyins.
      Not much room to make errors.
      In some sense my bankroll is larger than what is in my account because it is NOT all the money I have.
      But at the same time I do not want to go bust every time.

      I am playing 50NL on FullTilt. I have around 2 buyins. If I do clear the bonus I would have 30 buyins which is probably enough.

      I would need 100-200 buyins to play high variance style.
      But that is assuming I have the edge. No amount of buyins are enough if I start paying off or bluffing off my chips.

      JJ hand -
      Flop went check check. LOL. I stacked off on river. Bu I had only 50BB so I sighed and rebought.

      Actually I am happy that I played well after this and covered my losses.

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    • I'm glad to hear you are making another run. What kind of # of buy-in bankroll are you playing with? I'm curious as to what size bankroll you think is too small for the aggro style.

      I like your reference to the small fish feeding the regulars :p But if you are making money, you aren't feeding them!

      Flopping a full house vs. quads is quite the cooler LOL. Wow.