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  1. 2009-04-18 15:59:05

    PLO is a sick game!

    I am playing PLO quite a bit these days.
    It is just a sick game!
    I used to play medium stack (50BB) and used to get in in light because you are never an underdog.
    But that was causing huge swings and I was not very sure if I am doing it correctly.
    Now I started playing 100BB. That allows me to add more plays to my playbook.
    When I do get the villains putting money in crushed I have more profits.

    Because I do not have a tracker, I am not sure if I am a winner in this game.
    But it sure is lot of fun.

    Posted by Krishna at 2009-04-18 15:59:05

Comments on “PLO is a sick game!”

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    • 2/5 game needs 20k bankroll minimum. The variance will be so sick you might hate poker.

      I read Hwang's book.
      The concepts are all nice but advice post flop play is suited for deep stacked play.

      When you have short to medium stack any set is nuts even in omaha. If you fold bottom set and even middle sets facing aggression you are playing too tight.
      Also don't get carried away by all the wraps described in Hwang's book. You will not flop 20 card draws very often. Even if you do, your opponents can each have a set and nut flush draw.

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    • I trust ya on that one, James. You kicked ass last night!

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    • I read "Pot Limit Omaha" by Jeff Hwang and "Omaha Poker" by Bob Ciaffone in addition to Farha's book. Farha's was interesting, but I found Hwang and Ciaffone's books much more useful for improving my Omaha game. In pot limit, it boiled down to position and drawing to the nuts. Understanding the weakness of sets in Omaha was a big hurdle for me.

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    • Farha on Omaha is a great book.

      BTW: The Napa Valley Casino is planning on starting a $500-cap, $2/5 PLO game.... the first in NorCal since? Ever?

      I like playing HA online... so many players have only cursory ideas for PLO strategy, and tight solid, go for the nuts can lead to serious $$, esp. multi-tabling modest stakes w/ fish.



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    • makes sense. definitely a weird but fun game. how's it going?

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    • Some concepts in PLO are strange.
      In Holdem you want multiway pot when you are drawing because your draw may be clean;
      In PLO your non nut draws are almost always tainted in multi-way pots.

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    • I think it's a good thing to play deeper if that means you can add more plays. It seems like you have a ton of hands under your belt and are patient enough to utilize the info you have gained to blow people out! I love PLO for getting opponents in crushed - it's better than Hold'em in that sense for sure.