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  1. 2009-04-21 02:10:25

    Fullring play

    I am playing online full ring and logged lot of hands this year.
    The games plays so different compared to 6max.
    Ranges are much stronger.
    A raise on flop in ATLEAST a set or better.
    Everyone is waiting to get overpair or set and stack fish.
    What happens when these guys have to face good opposition or have to play deep stacked?

    But there are also some guys trying to exploit the nits.
    They will fire two barrels if you show weakness.
    Today I checked flop instead of cbetting and called off two barrels when the board was super dry.
    But you need to know who your opponent is.

    Overall I am getting good exposure to full ring play that will help me play live cash games or tourneys.

    Some plays at full ring sound strange but I am making them to lower variance and make my play easier especially while multi tabling.
    Open folding under the gun( who thinks I am a nit?)

    Posted by Krishna at 2009-04-21 02:10:25

Comments on “Fullring play”

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    • i like the analysis svidri. i don't expect to play much 6M, but it's interesting to see how some plays can pertain to FR. thanks for the discussion guys!

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    • i play online pretty conservative so when i sit at a 6m i get run over but coincidentally i profit more live at the smaller seated games live
      what would be best suggestion for making adjustments?
      and is there that much more profit at 6m? or does it make multitabling easier?

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    • I agree.
      In general isolating is not that profitable when there are too many players behind.

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    • Nice post. I'm still learning to adjust my play for 6m vs FR, and I find your thoughts to be valuable and do help me out.

      You say you equate 6M = FR minus EP... which is really sharp :)

      BUT you say you will iso-raise a fish in 6M UTG+1, but not iso a fish in FR UTG+1... that's great, you are not trying to put yourself in sick spots.

      However, let's think of it in your equation of 6M = FR - EP, because I think this is super valuable, and will make for good spots.

      Using your thinking, 6M's UTG+1 = FR's MP3 (hijack). Instead of looking for spots to isolate in FR games at UTG+1, look instead to isolate in position. Because, after all, you are isolating at third best absolute position @ 6M when EP2, same as FR when MP3.

      Actively seeking these opportunities will make you a lot of money. Also, the play can be really bad with lots of overlimpers and iso-raising can be even MORE profitable at FR than 6M. Limp, limp, limp, BANG!

      I hope this helps without being preachy, because I am still learning myself, and I have A LOT to learn :)



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    • I play KQo but not ATo in 6 max.

      I do play the suited hands and from UTG in both 6max and FR.

      In general, I started changing my hands based on who the opponents are. if there is bad player who limped UTG I will play wide range when I am UTG+1 (6 max).
      But in FR there are so many players behind you when you are in first 3 spots, isolating is not that profitable.

      But I do think full ring is like 6 max except first 3 seats.

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    • I guess I am a fish in a way I do play those hands in 6 handed it has done well but not at the same time. I don't like A10 though that hand is trouble city. But I do agree with the statement of trying to get an overpair or a set and stack people that is cake poker for you that is for sure.

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    • Good post

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    • Interesting post, K. I've never played much 6max, but have logged almost 20k in hands with my friend and roommate Chad with the help of our pro friends Jeff and Stephen. We open-fold or worse UTG. is auto-fold UTG+2! Hehehh. However, I have not seen "set or better" flop ranges. On Full Tilt and Cake the ranges seem to be a lot more donk-ish (playing at 25c/50c).